Actual Xmas Balls

Live Performance from the Lounge of the Dresden Holiday Inn,
Together for the First Time:
Inge Belle Weinachtel and Hans Dieter Grübakker

Live Performance From the Holiday Inn Dresden

Inge is on the left; Hans is on the right, in this photograph from the Lizard Lounge of the Holiday Inn in Dresden.

Though their act is not yet completely polished, Inge and Hans wanted to sing this special condolence "Jingle Bells" to Mrs. Jesus Claus. They were brought together by the Dresdner Holiday Inn's manager of cultural affairs, Irving Heidenschwartz. Irving hopes when the snows come to his city this year, many people will come celebrate with Irving's Dresden White Christmas.

Listen to "Jingle Bells":

Through their kindness, we are able to provide this additional number for Mrs. Claus,
also taken from their lounge act at the Holiday Inn, "Carol of the Bells":

Both of these songs will likely be available on their upcoming CD, Down und Schmutzig. Inge and Hans have a lot of hit songs under their belt in their short time together at the Holiday Inn of Dresden. They hope their new album will be a hit, too!