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Some Condolence Cards for Mrs. Jesus Claus
Regarding the Abduction

Audrey Lewellyn-Humplespeare

Audrey Lewellyn-Humplespeare

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Audrey Llewellyn-Humplespeare

Hello. My name is Audrey Llewellyn-Humplespeare, and I live in London, U.K. All of London and the U.K. is very sorry, Mrs. Claus. If terrorism can happen at the North Pole, it can happen anywhere.

In truth, it would not surprise me much, if the French were behind this abduction. What the French forget, is that they were responsible for the crucifixion attempt on the life of the Santi-Christ.

The French, inheritors of the Roman Empire, really don't want to take responsibility for their bloodletting history. Beyond their fine wine, and some interesting pornography, they are not much help with anything…. Not much help at all.