Actual Xmas Balls

Some Condolence Cards for Mrs. Jesus Claus
Regarding the Abduction

Charles Epworth

Charles Epworth

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Charles Epworth

My name is Charles Epworth, and I live on Boggybotttom at the Crossroad at Lane's End, approximately 45 kilometers outside of London to the south southwest. I am very saddened for you, Mrs. Claus. I remember many years past when Jesus Claus came to our commercial club to speak.

He was a fine gentlemen, and will be sorely missed by so many, who have taken so much from so few, if indeed he is finally beheaded by the terrorists, and made into worms' meat by them and their evil. It's insane.

Of course we fought the Huns a few decades ago, so that these terrorist countries would not rise up and do things such as the abduction of Jesus Claus. Did we fail, or have we gone the wrong path? Only history, or history as it is written, will decide.

Oh, I believe it would be too early for me to comment definitively on "Xmas Balls in the Twenty-First Century" by Sutro Tower Video. But if it is as good as "Carmel Knowledge," I will likely enjoy it.