Selma (Brumm) Weyer and Family

Selma (Brumm/Neupert/Meadows) Weyer
and her husband, Anton Weyer, with
George Weyer, and unknown family friends,
about 1940. Selma was 2nd from the right.
Anton was on her left, and George Weyer
on the far right.
Courtesy of Karen Stanbary.


The Brumm Family

Generations 1 — 4

On August 22, 1810, in Sternenfels, Württemberg, at the town's local Lutheran church ("Evangelisch" Kirche), 3 Philipp Brumm, age 25, married 3 Sabina Barbara Staiber, who was age 20. They were both born and reared in Sternenfels.

Philipp and Sabina were my 3rd great grandparents.

Philipp's parents were 2 Filipp Brumm and 2 Kristiana Kolbin.

Sabina Staiber's parents were 2 Georg Daniel Staiber (born 1759), the son of 1 Johann George Staiber and 1 Maria Barbara Ebert, and 2 Elisabetha Siegristin, daughter of 1 Johann Georg Siegristin.

Sabina Barbara Staiber was one of at least four children in her birth family. She and Philipp Brumm had eleven known children between 1812 and 1834.

They were:

  1. Sofia Katarina Brumm (1812 — 1815)

  2. Jacob Friderich Brumm (1814 — 1828)

  3. 4 Carl "Charles" Brumm (1816 — 1870)

  4. Ludwig Brumm (born 1819)

  5. Elisabetha Brumm (born 1821)

  6. Philipp Brumm (1822 — 1840)

  7. Daniel Brumm Sr. (1824 — 1860/68)

  8. Christian Brumm (born 1827)

  9. Jakob Friederich Brumm (born 1829)

  10. Sabine Brumm (born 1832)

  11. Wilhelm Brumm (born 1834)

Two of the brothers of this family, after reaching adulthood and starting families, emigrated from Württemberg to the New World and settled in the Midwest.

They were Carl Brumm, my second great grandfather, and his younger brother, Daniel Brumm Sr., a second great granduncle of mine.

Carl married 4 Eva Juliana Osswald (1823 — 1902) on June 7, 1842, in Sternenfels. She was one of at least seven children born to 3 Johann Jacob Osswald (born 1794) and 3 Christina Magdelana Zeiter (born 1797).

Daniel Brumm Sr. married Luise (or "Louisa") Regina Raeuchle, June 6, 1852, in Sternenfels. Their five children were:

  1. Daniel Brumm Jr. (1848 — 1890)

  2. Eva Regina Brumm (1850 — 1935)

  3. Johann Andreas "John" Brumm (1853 — 1917)

  4. Philip B. Brumm (1856 — 1934)

  5. Frederick "Fred" Brumm (1859 — 1925)

Daniel and Carl and their families left Europe in October 1853, sailing on the ship Heidelberg from Le Havre, France, to New Orleans, where they landed December 18, 1853, after about six weeks at sea.

They remained in New Orleans for about a year, then managed a river trip north to Burlington in Des Moines County, Iowa.

Daniel and his family remained in Burlington only for a short while, heading back south to settle in St. Louis, Missouri. Their descendants have scattered somewhat, but many still claim St. Louis roots.

Generations 5 — 8

Carl (who was known as Charles in the U.S.) and Eva Juliana (who later shortened her name and went by Julia) had five children after their immigration. Carl died in 1870.

Their children were:

  1. Jacob Brumm (1843 — 1860)

  2. Philip Brumm (1845 — 1920)

  3. Frederika Brumm (1848 — 1928)

  4. 5 William Brumm (1850 — 1919)

  5. Carl Brumm (1852 — before 1860)

  6. John Brumm (1855 — 1915)

  7. Margaret Brumm (1857 — 1946)

  8. Charles Brumm (about 1860 — 1891)

  9. Julia A. Brumm (1861 — 1889)

  10. Lewis (or Louis) Brumm (about 1866 — before 1905)

Of the ten children of Charles and Julia Brumm, five of whom were born in Germany and five in the U.S., six left descendants.

Jacob, Carl, and Lewis died unmarried.

Philip married Sofia A. Meyers and had five children, two of whom died in infancy.

Frederika, who was blind as an adult, married Fred Nantz, and had five daughters before he hanged himself in 1883.

Charles Brumm married Mary Wichhart in 1889, and had a daughter, Selma, in 1890. Charles died in 1891, then his brother, John Brumm, married Mary and was a father to Selma. They moved to Texas, where John died of stomach cancer, apparently fairly suddenly, whereupon Mary and Selma returned to Burlington.

Margaret Brumm married William A. Burgus and had six children. They were well-known Benton Township (Des Moines County) farmers. The children all lived to adulthood and all had children of their own.

Julia A. Brumm married Fred Martin in 1882. She had two children before she died in 1889 of tuberculosis. One of her two daughters died in early childhood a year or so before her mother.

In Des Moines County, Iowa, probably in Benton Township, my great grandfather, William Brumm, married 5 Helena Vandalia Thomas (1854 — 1922) on April 1, 1873.

Helena was the child of 4 Isham Thomas Sr. and 4 Mary (Flesher) Walker. Both of her parents were in their second marriage and had lost spouses to death. Isham was a native of Virginia, and Mary was from the part of Virginia that later became West Virginia. They were married September 30, 1853.

Isham had nine known children from his first marriage to Nancy Whitman, who died in 1849.

Mary Flesher and her first husband, Joseph Walker, who died in 1852, also had nine children at the time of his death. Mary's Walker descendants are the tip of a vast collection of Walkers from this family, as her husband was one of ten children and many settled and had children in Des Moines County, Iowa. These Walkers are of (West) Virginia and are not connected to my maternal Walker family.

Mary and Isham's marriage did not last long. He left soon and records indicate he was living with children from his first marriage who lived in Benton County, Iowa. No known divorce took place. Isham died in about 1865. Mary lived with the family of Helena and William Brumm until her death in 1889.

My great grandparents, William and Helena Brumm, had six sons and a daughter. My grand uncles, grandaunt, and grandfather from their marriage were:

  1. Charles H. Brumm (1874 — 1894), died when a tree fell on him, and event which was incorporated into his gravestone!

  2. Leslie Thomas Brumm (1875 — 1941), who married Mary Katherine Jacoby. He and she had five children and he inherited one more from a previous relationship of hers.

  3. Boyd William Brumm (1878 — 1921), who died of blood poisoning after an accident. He was married to a neighbor woman, Elnora Mary "Ellen" Schuler. There were no children.

  4. Ruth Ellen Brumm (1889 — 1958) married Charles Friedemann, lived in Illinois. They were childless.

  5. 6 Oliver "Clayton" Brumm, my grandfather (1892 — 1965), who married 6 Bertha Leota Lett (1893 — 1953).

  6. Burton Isham Brumm (1894 — 1952), twin of Byron, married to Garnet Wright (1895 — 1994), worked as an electrician, she as a sales clerk, no children.

  7. Byron Isaac Brumm (1894 — 1952), twin of Burton, married to Mable Edna Cooper (1903 — 1989), ran a dry cleaners in Fort Madison, Iowa. No children.

My paternal grandparents were married in 1915 in Mediapolis, Iowa. Their marriage was witnessed by Clayton's sister, Ruth Brumm, as well as his future brother-in-law and her future husband, Charles Friedemann.

Clayton and Bertha's first two children, daughters Helen and Dorothy, were born in Illinois. In 1919, Clayton Brumm's father, William, died, and his mother asked his family to come back to run the farm, so they returned to southeast Iowa. There the rest of their children were born. The entire list of their descendants (my father, aunts, and uncles) is:

  1. Helen Laverne Brumm (1915 — 1974), who married Ruben Wuellner and later Ed Dressler. She lived in Chicago at least by 1948, probably a few years earlier. She had no children.

  2. Dorothy Virginia Brumm, (1917 — 1998), who married Carl Harold Herman in 1941. He was killed in a firefighting accident in Burlington, Iowa, in 1947, and Dorothy remarried to Paul Stodt. There were two children from the first marriage.

  3. 7 William Lett Brumm (1921 — 1986), my father, who married my mother, 7 Hattie "Leota" (Walker) Krekel in 1952, and several years after her death remarried to Pauline R. (Swanson) Davis. 8 I am Bill's only child.

  4. Boyd Wendell Brumm (1922 — 1944), killed during World War II in the English Channel.

  5. Dale Hubert Brumm, who lives in Sioux City, Iowa, and married to the former Norma Ruth Byers. They had two children.

  6. Lorma Leota Brumm (1928 — 2010), who married Everett LeRoy "Bud" Allen (1919 — 2013). They divorced, had a daughter.

  7. Kathleen Lucille Brumm (1930 — 1978), married to Alfred Clayton "Al" Erickson (1929 — 2000). They had three children.

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Note: the highlighted numbers by many names are arbitrary generation numbering. The names of the known five great-grandparents of the Brumm family are my oldest known paternal ancestors, 8 generations before me. These are: Johannes Zeither, Johann Adam Grossen, Joann George Saiber, Maria Barbara Ebert, and Johann Georg Siegristin.

The majority of my genealogical collection and information is at The Families of Dennis W. Brumm genealogy section my web site. It should be useful for research, and interesting to peruse.

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