Isaac "Newton" Dean and his Wife, Mary Susan (Deen) Dean

Spouses Isaac "Newton" Dean and his wife,
Mary Susan (Deen) Dean. Newton was a
grandson of John and Mary (Knicely) Dean;
Mary Susan was a great granddaughter.
Courtesy of Gary L. Deen.


The Deen/Dean Family

Generations 7 — 9

9 John Dean, my fourth great grandfather, was born in about 1750 in Birmingham, England. He died before April 8, 1813, in Pendleton County, Virginia (later that was West Virginia). His wife was 9 Mary Knicely, born between 1762/68 and died October 18, 1855, both in Virginia/West Virginia.

They had fifteen children, many of whom remained in West Virginia, but others moved to Iowa and beyond.

8 Jacob D. Deen, my 3rd great-grandfather, was one of the children who moved to Iowa. He was born March 17, 1799 in Pendleton County. In November 1844 he moved to Des Moines County, Iowa. His wife was the former 8 Judith "Judy" Cox. Judy was born January 13, 1797, in Pendleton County, and died May 14, 1888, in Des Moines County. Jacob had died earlier, December 30, 1866.

Their six children were:

  1. Rachel (Dean) Shreve (1821 — 1906), who married Adam C. Shreve (1813 — 1874). They had twelve children. Some of the family re-settled in Monona County, Iowa, where Rachel died and was buried

  2. 7 Lucinda Hopkins "Lucy" (Deen) Moyers, my 2nd great-grandmother, wife of 7 Sam Nelson Moyers

  3. George Washington Deen (1824 — 1913), who moved to Iowa by 1845, back to (West) Virginia, and returned again to Iowa in 1854 where he then remained. In 1848 in Barbour County, (West) Virginia he married Doshean Ann Foster (1830 — 1912). There were ten children in the family. They all used the "Deen" spelling variant.

  4. Churles G. Deen, born in 1826

  5. John Dean, born in 1828

  6. Mary "Elizabeth" (Deen/Moyers) Hartman, whose first husband, Andrew Moyers (1829 — 1862), was my 2nd great granduncle (Andrew was a brother of Samuel Nelson Moyers). They had four children. Later she re-married to Adam Hartman (1814 — 1886), and settled in Hitchcock County, Nebraska.

  7. Silas Dean was the youngest child (1835 — 1915). He married Mary Elizabeth Martin (1841 — 1912). They settled in Monona County, Iowa, had eight children.

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Info of Interest

The grave and gravestone of
Mary (Knicely) Dean

at Heavner Cemetery, Buckhannon,
West Virginia (Find A Grave)

The headstone of Jacob Dean The headstone of Judy Dean

The gravestone of Jacob D. Deen and
the gravestone of Judy "Judy" (Cox) Deen
at Loper Cemetery in Franklin Township,
Des Moines County, Iowa

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