Children of Clark and Linda (Gabeline) Walker in about 1900

Children of Clark and Malinda "Linda" (Gabeline)
Walker in about 1900. Clark Walker was the son of
Martin Walker, and the grandson of Joseph and
Barbara (Teter) Walker. The children are:
Berl Walker (standing, left), Harlan Walker
(standing back), Trevor Walker (sitting), and
the young boy standing on the right was Edger Walker.
Photograph courtesy of David Walker's web site (now offline).


The Flesher and (Paternal) Walker Families

Generations 3 — 4

Joseph Walker, born March 30, 1780, in Randolph County, Virginia (later West Virginia), was married July 18, 1799, to Barbara Teter (1781 — 1850) of Pendleton County, (West) Virginia.a

They had thirteen children, and moved their family to Des Moines County, Iowa, where they created a virtual Walker settlement in Benton Township. Many of their children also had ten or more children, so this family's size tended to increase geometrically.

They are not related nor connected to the Walker family that was the namesake of my mother, Walkers who came to the U.S. from Ireland and settled first in Pennsylvania, and ended up in Henry County, and later Louisa County, Iowa. As these families lived in close proximity, when I became interested in genealogy it became useful to track the families and movements of the Des Moines County Walkers as well as my mother's family, though I do have assorted connections through some marriages. It helped to minimize confusion.

The children of Joseph Walker, who died in 1851, and Barbara (Teter) Walker, were:

  1. Ely Walker (1801 — 1869), married Anna Amy Wolford, had eight children

  2. John Wilton Walker (1802 — 1865), married my first cousin four times removed, Elizabeth Betta Dean, had eleven children

  3. George Walker (about 1806 — before 1850), husband to Mary Bennett, at least five children

  4. Joseph Walker Jr. (about 1809 — 1852), first husband of my second great grandmother, 4 Mary Flesher (1810 — 1889), nine children.

  5. Jesse Walker (1810 — 1886), married Mary Bush, had nine children

  6. Eber Walker (1812 — 1873), husband of Susannah Nelson and also Maria Sophia Salladay, father of twelve

  7. Martin Walker (1814 — 1888), married Margaret Dorn of Baden, fourteen children

  8. Sarah Walker (about 1817 — 1867), wife of Peter Huffman, they had five children

  9. Levi Walker (about 1817 — 1873), married Elizabeth Hartman, four children

  10. Mary Walker (1820 — 1890), wife of Hezekiah Trimble, mother of eight

  11. Susan Walker (1824 — 1906), married Joseph Keller, at least four children

  12. Silas Walker (1826 — 1917), husband of Christine Luise Caroline "Louisa" Distelhorst, father of thirteen

  13. Solomon Walker, who apparently died young before the family moved to Iowa

The family of Mary Flesher, who first married Joseph Walker Jr., is a bit more problematic, and I have never been able to pin down the names of earlier generations, even her parents. There were large numbers of Fleshers (spelling variations Fleischer, etc.) in Virginia, and much research has been done on these families, but she doesn't seem t be a good fit anywhere in the area where she came from.

Mary was born June 15, 1810, and married Joseph Walker Jr. on February 12, 1834, in Lewis County, Virginia (later West Virginia).

Most of their children were born in (West) Virginia, but three were born after they moved to Iowa Territory in 1840. It seems likely they only had eight children total, though generally researchers have credited them with nine. Margaret and Barbara, who are listed frequently as the first two, are probably the same person.

The children of Joseph and Mary were:

  1. Margaret/Barbara, born about 1834 or 1835, never married. Margaret's name appears on census forms until 1852, when she disappeared and Barbara's began. Barbara was still living as of 1912.

  2. Louisa "Rebecca" Walker, born in 1836, who married Horatio Jackson (1830 — 1864) and had a daughter and a son before he went to war and was killed November 22, 1864, at the Battle of Griswoldville in Georgia. It was the first battle of Sherman's March to the Sea. Rebecca and son Charles moved to Wapello by 1780, then disappeared. Margaret, the daughter, married Paul E. Reinholz, and they settled in St. Louis, Missouri.

  3. A son, Joseph, who would have been Joseph Walker III, born in 1838, said to have died in 1852 of the Asiatic cholera, which was also the cause of death of his father that same year. He was not on the 1850 census, nor listed on the rolls at the family's cemetery, the North Walker Cemetery in Des Moines County, so I've felt there are some questions about this child's existence.

  4. Amos Walker (1839 — 1912) married Adaline J. Taylor (1845 — 1938). They had seven children, and settled in eastern Washington state near Spokane.

  5. Lebanon "Bam" Walker, (1840 — 1864), died from disease in St. Louis during the Civil War.

  6. Rebecca Walker (1841 — 1896), the second daughter apparently known as Rebecca, was born in Iowa Territory, died in Kansas, is buried in Butler County, where her youngest son and family lived. She was married to John B. Morrison in 1862, native of Pennsylvania, and they had at least three children.

  7. Eli Walker (1844 — 1909), married Clara Ellen Berterman, resided near Gladstone, Illinois, and had two children, Cyrus and Minnie Thompson.

  8. Melissa Walker (1851 — 1902), the wife of John A. Anderson, also moved from Iowa to Kansas, later settled in Nebraska. Much of her family is buried in Custer County, Nebraska. According to the 1900 federal census, seven of twelve children had lived into the 20th century. The others all apparently died in infancy.

After Joseph Walker (II) died in the early 1850s, Mary (Flesher) Walker remarried to Isham Thomas, a native of Virginia. They had a daughter, 3 Helena, who grew up and married 3 William Brumm. The relationship between Mary and Isham apparently soured; he moved to Benton County, Iowa, and she remained in Des Moines County, living later in life with Helena and William.

Though Helena was an "only child," she had a total of 18 Thomas and Walker half brothers and sisters!

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Note: the highlighted numbers by many names are arbitrary generation numbering. The names of the known five great-grandparents of the Brumm family are my oldest known paternal ancestors, 8 generations before me. These are: Johannes Zeither, Johann Adam Grossen, Joann George Saiber, Maria Barbara Ebert, and Johann Georg Siegristin.

The majority of my genealogical collection and information is at The Families of Dennis W. Brumm genealogy section my web site. It should be useful for research, and interesting to peruse.

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