Elizabeth McFarland (Fox) Sampson

Elizabeth McFarland (Fox) Sampson, a
daughter of Nathaniel and Kitturah (McFarland) Fox.
Photograph courtesy of Marge Kimble.


The Fox Family

Generations 1-8

My oldest known direct line ancestor named Fox was my 12th great grandfather, 1 William Fox, born in about 1497 in Stekley, Buckinghamshire, England. He died in about 1558. His descendants in ensuing generations were:

2 Henry Fox (born about 1521), who married "Miss Hawes"; 3 William Fox (born about 1545), who married Ann Lane; 4 Henry Fox (about 1578 — 1625). This Henry immigrated from England to Virginia, died there. He was the husband of Elizabeth Pickernell (about 1582 — about 1625)

5 John Fox (about 1602 — 1665). He did not leave for Virginia, was born and died in England.

6 Captain John Fox of St. Dunstan (about 1626 — 1682). He also immigrated to Virginia, between 1652/54). Died in Gloucester County.

7 Gentleman Henry Fox, my 6th great grandfather, was born in about 1650 in London, died November 17, 1714, in King William County, Virginia. His wife was Anne West (between 1655/57 — after 1708). Anne was a descendant of members of the royal family of England. Ann Boleyn, Queen of England (and victim of Henry VIII) was Anne West's third great grandaunt.

Henry's youngest known son, 8 Thomas Fox (born 1686), was next in the line. Thomas married Mary Tunstall (born 1860 in New Kent, Virginia).

Generations 9 — 12

My fourth great grandfather was 9 Joseph Fox (born about 1708, died between 1788/89). His wife was Mildred Fenton, born about 1721. Their son was 10 Major Nathaniel Fox (1763 — 1825), who was born and died in Virginia.

Major Nathaniel's son, 11 Nathaniel, was my second great grandfather; he was born June 1, 1805, in Rose Garden, King William County, Virginia, and died September 3, 1887, in Greenwood, Cass County, Nebraska. Nathaniel left Virginia, and September 21, 1829, married Kitturah McFarland (1812 — 1877). The wedding was most probably in Ohio, the homeland of Kitturah, and the state where their first four children were born. Other than those sketchy details, I know little about the earlier history or family of Kitturah (McFarland) Fox. I did come up with several theories during my busy research days. One family seemed promising, but there was no solid proof.

At least by December 1839, Nathaniel, Kitturah, and their three living children resided near the recently founded town of New London (a few years earlier known as "Dover"), in Henry County, Iowa Territory. They were a farm family, as were so many in the 19th century. Their children were:

  1. James M. Fox (1831 — 1834), died in Ohio

  2. John McFarland Fox (1833 — 1895), who was the husband of a woman whose name was Lavina (1834-1897). She was a native of Pennsylvania. In the 1860s they had two children, at least, who were Ulliseus G. Fox and Kitturah Fox. John and Lavina are buried in Ringgold County at the Platte River Cemetery. The status of their children after their youth is unknown.

  3. William H. Fox (born 1835). William was last found in the 1860 federal census living in New London. In 1880, a William Fox whose information matches up very well was found living in Knights Ferry, Stanislaus County, California.

  4. Elizabeth McFarland (Fox) Sampson (1837 — 1919), the wife of Truman D. Sampson (1831 — 1931). They met in New London, Iowa, and lived in Lincoln, Nebraska. There were seven children in the family, though several died in childhood.

  5. Sarah Ann Fox (1839 — 1851), died at age 11 in Iowa after the move from Ohio.

  6. Delilah T. (Fox) Coleman (1842 — 1865). Delilah married William Coleman (1837 — 1915) in 1860 in Henry County, Iowa, but died five years later, on December 5, 1865. William remarried Rachel "Jane" Brown and moved to Nebraska.

  7. Charles Mc C. Fox (born 1844), last thought to be living in Montana at the time of the 1880 census, with no further information. He also was likely found in Colorado in 1870.

  8. Thomas "Tom" Fox (1846 — 1899), buried at Platte River Cemetery in Ringgold County, Iowa as was his brother, John. Tom married Isadora C. "Dora" Anderson (1850 — after 1920) in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa on June 21, 1868. They had eight known children. Isadora was last known to be living in Pasadena, California in 1920.

  9. Maria R. (Fox) McCullough (1848 — 1897). Maria married George William McCulley/McCullough, an Ohio native in Winfield, Iowa. They lived in Ohio in 1880, but in 1897 when Maria died, she was living in Limestone County, Texas, which happens to be where the family of Charles Pearsey Walker resided in 1884 at the time of his daughter, Flossie's, birth. George McCullough may have returned to Iowa.

  10. 12 Ruth Ellen (Fox) Walker (1851 — 1889), my great grandmother, the wife of Charles Pearsey Walker

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Info of Interest

Antiquity to Modern: 65 Generations.
Gentleman Henry Fox, who married Anne West in 1673, connected the Fox family into the lineage of the British royal family at the time, thus allowing for fairly accurate information back many generations and years

The headstone of "Nathanael" Fox The headstone of Kitturah (McFarland) Fox

The gravestone of 'Nathanael' Fox
in Nebraska and
the gravestone of Kitturah (McFarland) Fox
at Burge Cemetery near New London, Iowa

Note: the highlighted numbers by many names are generation numbering. William Fox (born about 1497) was the earliest ancestor of all the families in this section of my web site, so ensuing generations are numbered from that starting point.

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