The family of Jacob Nelson Moyers in about 1884

The family of Jacob Nelson Moyers in about 1884 included
Jacob, Kathryn Ann "Bappy" (Stanley) Moyers, and daughters
Caroline "Maude" and Alpha Victoria "Fay" Moyers.
Courtesy of Steven Robert Piper.


The Moyers Family

Generation 10

The earliest direct line family members are 10 Jacob Moyers, born March 27, 1797 in Franklin County, Pennsylvania, died June 13, 1863, in Des Moines County, Iowa. He was married to Sarah Walker "Sally" Rogers, January 2, 1820, in Clermont County, Ohio. They were my 3rd great grandparents.

In 1826, Jacob bought 80 acres of land in Greene County, Illinois, near Carrollton, and the family moved there. They moved again between 1837/40 to Des Moines County.

Jacob's wife, Sally, was born March 16, 1802, in Virginia, and died September 16, 1867, in Burlington Township, Des Moines County.

Jacob and Sally are both buried at the Loper Cemetery in Franklin Township, Des Moines County, as are their sons Joel, John, Sam, and Andrew, and other family members.

There were nine children in their family.

According to family members I talked to, even into the 20th century some of the Moyers family pronounced their name as "Meyers." Earlier there were many instances of spellings that reflected this pronunciation. Family history research is not always cut and dried.

Generation 11

  1. One of Jacob and Sally's daughters, Elizabeth Ann, or "Eliza" Myers (1820 — 1861), was and still is remembered with such a spelling by her family. She married Jordan Albert Lakin (1817 — 1869) in Greene County, Illinois, and remained in Illinois when many of the rest of her family moved on to Iowa. She had ten children. There are many descendants today from her family

  2. Two sons died young. Joel Moyers was born July 20, 1822, in Cincinnati, Ohio, and died in Iowa January 1, 1839, at age 16

  3. John Wifoley Moyers was born April 23, 1824, in Cincinnati, died in Iowa August 7, 1839, at age 15

  4. Son 11 Samuel Nelson Moyers was my 2nd great grandfather. He married Lucinda "Lucy" Deen

  5. Andrew Jackson Moyers (1829 — 1862) was born in Carrollton, and died in Franklin Township. He married Lucy Deen's sister, Mary "Elizabeth" Deen (1830 — 1921) in 1849. They had four children, all thought to have died in infancy or as young children. Mary remarried to Adam Hartman. She died in Stratton, Nebraska, January 18, 1921

  6. Susannah "Jane" Moyers was born November 29, 1831, in Greene County, Illinois, she married in 1850 to James Morris Rexroat, they resided in McDonough County, Illinois, near Macomb, and had ten sons and three daughters. Jane died July 25, 1892, in Macomb, and is buried at Pennington Point Cemetery in McDonough County

  7. George Washington Moyers was born in 1832 in Carrollton. He married Elizabeth Ann Kurtz (1840 — 1927) in 1859 in Des Moines County, Iowa, and they divorced between 1876/1880. They had eight children. Elizabeth is buried at Hawkeye Cemetery in Huron Township, Des Moines County. George was last found in the 1900 census living in Chicago with his brother and sister-in-law, Jacob Josiah and Martha Moyers. He probably died before 1910

  8. Another spelling for Moyers seems to occur frequently enough to take note, when family members do not use the last "s" of their name. This happened with Jacob and Sarah (Rogers) Moyers' son, Benjamin Franklin "Ben" Moyer, born March 7, 1836, in Carrollton, Illinois. He married Barbara Deam (1840 — 1924) in Iowa in 1861, they settled in Butler, Missouri, where he was buried at the Double Branch Cemetery when he died in October 1916. Ben and Barbara did not have children, but raised George Harvey Moyer (1872 — 1948), who was born George Bradley, the son of Ben Moyer's niece, Mary Ann Lakin. As an adult, George Harvey Moyer lived in San Antonio, Texas, and worked as a shoe salesman for Buster Brown Shoes

  9. The youngest of Jacob and Sarah (Rogers) Moyer's children was Jacob Josiah Moyers. Born in Des Moines County in 1842, he married a woman named Martha, and they ran a hotel in Chicago. Martha was born between 1836/1840 in New York, died before 1900

Generation 12

Samuel Nelson "Sam" Moyers, my 2nd great grandfather, was born five miles north of Carrollton, Illinois, January 31, 1827. He died at age 92 January 13, 1920, in Burlington Hospital, Burlington, Iowa.

Sam married Lucinda Hopkins "Lucy" Deen, August 6, 1846, in Tamatown, Des Moines County. She was born in Lewis County, Virginia (later part of West Virginia) on June 15, 1823, and died in Mediapollis, Iowa, November 9, 1909. At the time of her death, she and Sam had been married 63 years.

Lucy's parents were Jacob D. Deen (1799 — 1866) and Judith "Judy" Cox (1797 — 1888). Her grandparents were Englishman John Dean (about 1750 — before 1913) and Mary Knicely (circa 1764 — 1855).

Sam and Lucy Moyers' four children were:

  1. Marietta "Margarett" (1847 — 1862)

  2. My great grandfather, 12 George Washington Earl Moyers (1849 — 1926)

  3. Sarah Elizabeth (Moyers) Larkin (1850 — 1881)

  4. Jacob Nelson Moyers (1852 — 1951)

Daughter Sarah Moyers was the wife of James Wilbur Larkin (1851 — 1919). Married in 1871, she died after five children. He remarried and had four more.

Jacob Nelson Moyers died a couple of weeks before his 100th birthday, October 19, 1951, in Casper, Wyoming. He was born November 4, 1852, in Des Moines County. He apparently had some rough relationships, was married twice, and the father of 3 daughters and a son over the course of the two marriages.

Generation 13

My great grandparents, George Washington Earl and Rebecca Ellen (Pence) Moyers, were parents to ten children. Three died while young children:

  1. Samuel Lee Moyers (1871 — 1872)

  2. Mary Lucinda "Lu" Moyers (1873 — 1958), who was the wife of George Workman Dotson (1867 — 1920)

  3. Pearl Alfred "P.A." Moyers (1875 — 1964), married to Jessie Mae Swan (1882 — 1958)

  4. My grandmother, 13 Hattie Mae "Harriett" (Moyers) Walker (1876 — 1918)

  5. Cora Ellen Moyers (1878 — 1948), wife of Frank Upton Hamilton (1874 — 1950)

  6. Burton James "Bert" Moyers (1883 — 1961), who married Nellie Lura Owens (1884-1969)

  7. Gertie Edna Moyers (1883 — 1885), he twin of brother Bert

  8. Edward Nelson "Ed" Moyers (1887 — 1948), husband of Ruth Alfrida Youngberg (1895 — 1970)

  9. An unnamed infant son in 1888

  10. Halleck Roy "Hal" Moyer (Sr.), who spelled his surname without the final "s." He lived from 1889 — 1974, married Mathilda Catherine "Martha" Baxter (1888 — 1977), and moved north, ending near Elk River, Minnesota, where they raised their family

Generation 14

Hattie Mae or "Harriett" Moyers was born July 18, 1876, near Tamatown, Des Moines County, Iowa. She died, apparently of scarlet fever, not long after the birth of her 11th child, my uncle, William David Walker. Hattie was married to Sam Walker October 25, 1893, in Morning Sun, Louisa County, Iowa.

Their children were my aunts, uncles, and mother. These included:

  1. Elsie Ella Walker (1894 — 1992), never married

  2. George Percy Walker (1896 — 1985); he married Verona Violet Dotson (1906 — 2007)

  3. Maude Mae (Walker/Umphrey) Fortner (1897 — 1970), wife of Geoffrey Paul Umphrey (1897 — 1931) and Roy Grant Fortner (1894 — 1968)

  4. Albert "Ross" Walker (1899 — 1936), who married Vinnie Westfall (1903 — 1976)

  5. Thomas Clifford "Cliff" Walker (1901 — 1979), husband of Wilda "Marguerite" Wyerman (1906 — 1988)

  6. Zella "Myrtle" (Walker) Dotson (1903 — 1990), wife of Theodore Roosevelt "Ted" Dotson (1902 — 1997)

  7. Paul Moyers Walker (1904 — 1959), married Cora "Belle" Hannah (1900 — 1974), divorced

  8. Samuel Clinton "Sam" Walker (1910 — 1991), whose wife was Elizabeth Etta "Betty" Hatt (1914 — 1997)

  9. My mother, 14 Hattie "Leota" (Walker/Krekel) Brumm (1912 — 1967), wife of Kenneth Joseph Krekel (1909 — 1950) and William Lett Brumm (1921 — 1986)

  10. Ruth Rebecca (Walker) Broeker (1915 — 1939), wife of Wallace Ernest "Wally" Broeker (1911 — 1998)

  11. William David "Bill" Walker (1918 — 1977), who married Margaret Leora Lesher (1918 — 2004)

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