Reverend John Pence, about 1860

Reverend John Pence (1799 — 1883),
probably in about 1860.
Courtesy of the late Richard Allen Pence.


The Pence Family

Generations 8 — 12

8 Valentin Pence was born in about 1700, probably in Germany. He died in the late spring or summer of 1761 in Augusta County, Virginia. His wife was Anna Maria Catherin Oberlin. She was born in Cocalico, Pennsylvania, and died in 1803. This couple were two of my 5th great grandparents.

Their son, 9 Henry Pence, who married Susannah, was born in about 1752 in Augusta County. He was the father of eight known children. The youngest, 10 John Pence, was my 3rd great grandfather.

John Pence lived from 1786 — 1867. He married Anna Maria "Mary" Miller (1785 — 1867) in 1809 in Rockingham County, Virginia. Their oldest son, 11 Jonathan S. Pence, was the father of my 2nd great grandmother, 12 Rebecca Ellen (Pence) Moyers.

Jonathan S. Pence was born in 1810, died in 1865 from exposure during the Civil War. His first wife, Mary "Polly" Tutwiler, was born in 1816 and died in 1848 in Virginia, soon after the birth of my great grandmother, Rebecca. Jonathan remarried to Elizabeth Shoemaker in 1850, and had four more children.

Jonathan Pence's children with Polly Tutwiler were:

  1. Margaret Ann Elizabeth (Pence) Shoemaker, born in 1836 in Rockingham County, Virginia, the wife of Daniel Shoemaker, also of Rockingham County

  2. Mary V. Pence (born 1843), who married Martin Dean (1840-1915) and moved to Iowa, settling in or near Griswold

  3. Rebecca Ellen Pence, my great grandmother, who married George Washington Earl Moyers.

His children with Elizabeth Shoemaker were:

  1. John W. Pence (1851-1927)

  2. Lydia B. Pence (born 1853)

  3. Daniel G. Pence (born 1854)

  4. Sarah C. Pence, born in 1859.

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Richard Allen Pence

The obituary of Richard Allen Pence
Richard was an early proponent of the use of computers for genealogical purposes; he used them to organize his accumulated information about the Pence Families in the United States.

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