William Nelson Walker

Captain William "Nelson" Walker (1842 — 1909),
probably in about 1890.
Courtesy of the late
Winonia Darlene "Nona" (Hensley) Jones.


My Maternal Walker Family

Generations 9 & 10

I am the fourth great grandson of 9 Charles and Elinor Walker, immigrants from Ireland to Pennsylvania in about 1767. They were Presbyterian, and they were Scots-Irish.

Their six children were:

  1. Prudence (about 1762 — 1847)

  2. James (about 1764 — about 1832)

  3. Jane (born about 1766)

  4. Francis (born about 1768)

  5. 10 George (born about 1770, died between 1830/40)

  6. Charles (born about 1772).

Prudence, James, and Jane were born in Ireland, Francis, George, and Charles were born after immigration.

My third great grandfather was George of the above brood. He married 10 Julian Jean (or "Julia Ann") Welsh (1771/72 — between 1850/60). They had ten children.

In about 1799 some of the family moved to the area near the Holsten River in Knox County, Tennessee (which was still North Carolina at the time). It is believed that Charles and Elinor both died there.

Their daughter, Prudence, was married to a William Walker while in Pennsylvania. He died in Tennessee, and she remarried James Morrow. They remained in Tennessee.

Brothers George and James and families moved to Wayne County, Indiana, near but before 1830.

Francis is thought to have gone instead to Kosciusko County, Indiana. Charles was said to have left for Western Tennessee and was never heard of again. Since the family's days in Pennsylvania, nothing is known of what happened to daughter, Jane, whether she married or died.

Generation 11

The ten children of George Walker, my third great grandfather, and "Julia Ann" (Welsh) Walker, were:

  1. Eleanor (Walker) Allen (born between 1793/94, died after 1870), wife of Thomas Allen, mother of five children.

  2. Charles C. Walker, born between 1795/96 in Tennessee and died 1860, possibly in Iowa, and possibly in Warren County, Iowa. He was married and had four children, apparently, though nothing much is known of them or of his spouse.

  3. George W. Walker (1800 — 1885), husband of Sarah Lane (1811 — 1865), and later married to a woman named Sidney (1806/07 — 1883). He and Sarah had eleven children. They lived in Gentry County, Missouri. Many of their descendants moved later to Oklahoma, though some remained in Gentry County. (William "Nelson" Walker at the top of this page was one of George and Sarah's sons.)

  4. Thomas Walker (1801 — 1883), who married Ann Covert (1812 — 1873). They lived their lives in Indiana, in Hendricks and Johnson counties. There were seven children in their family.

  5. James Walker (about 1802 — 1863) was born in Tennessee and died, probably, in Warren County, Iowa (where he is buried). He was married to Polly Martin (little is known of this marriage) and to Nancy "Ann" Perkins (1812 — 1857). Ann and James had six children, and a number of the descendants of this family stayed in Iowa for many years.

  6. Jane (Walker) Leas (1804 — 1885) was born in Tennessee, died in New London, Iowa. Her husband was Thomas Chapman Leas (1802 — 1849). Thomas died in Wyoming as his family was again moving west. Jane and the three children living at the time out of the six children she bore thereupon returned to Henry County, Iowa, to be near other family members.

  7. Prudence (Walker) Hardin, born 1808 in Knox County, Tennessee and died 1877 in Henry County, Iowa. Her husband was William J. Hardin (1806 — 1884). They were the parents of eight, three of whom survived until adulthood.

  8. 11 Francis Samuel "Sam" Walker, born May 6, 1809 in Knox County, died March 27, 1888, in Henry County. He married 11 Catharine B. Pearsey September 15, 1831, in Wayne County, Indiana. She was born February 3, 1805, near the Natural Bridge in Rockbridge County, Virginia, and died September 7, 1882, in Henry County. Francis and Catharine Walker were my second great grandparents.
    December 1, 1883, Francis wrote a letter to his grandson (my grandfather), Samuel Nathaniel Walker, giving him a short but very important rundown of the family's earlier history. This document has proven to be pivotal in the Walker family research.

  9. John B. Walker (1811 — 1852) was the ninth child of George and "Julia Ann." He married Susannah "Susan" Sinks (1812 — 1880). John was in business with his brother, Francis, for a time in Milton, Indiana, but he died before Francis and family left for Iowa. He and Susan were the parents of four.

  10. Rebecca (Walker) Tryer (1815 — 1854), wife of John Faucett Tryer (1819 — 1899). Ruth was born in Tennessee and died in Henry County. She was the mother of six, only two of whom survived past infancy and into adulthood.

Generation 12

Francis Samuel and Catharine (Pearsey) Walker had eight children, and all of them were born in Indiana. He worked as a blacksmith in Milton (Wayne County), and later was to became a farmer south of New London, Iowa, in Baltimore Township.

Francis, Catharine, and all the children moved with them to southeast Iowa in 1856, not too long after the death of Catharine's father, Charles Pearsey Jr. (1771 — 1850), and Francis' brother and business partner, John B. Walker.

Their children were:

  1. Vashti Annie Walker (1835 — 1929) was their oldest child. She married Jehiel Brewer (1831 — before 1860) in 1855 in Wabash County, Indiana. They had a daughter, Mary Catharine (Brewer) Hand. and an unnamed infant son who died before Jehiel's early death.

  2. Soon after the 1880 death of his wife, Ann Edger, Vashti worked in the household of John Edger (1811 — 1905). John and Ann (Arnison) Edger (also spelled "Edgar") were English immigrants in the 1840s to Nauvoo, Illinois, during the Mormons' time there. Later they left the Mormon Church and became Seventh Day Adventists. A short bit over a year after Ann Edger's death, in January 1881, Vashti remarried to John Edger.

  3. Note that John and Ann Edger's son, Thomas Edgar, was the first husband of Sarah Ann "Sally" Houseman. Sally later married Charles Pearsey Walker (below), my great grandfather, after the two deaths of their first spouses. Families really seemed to be intertwined more often than not during the 19th century.

  4. Leander Walker (1837 — 1900) was the oldest son of Francis Samuel and Catharine Walker. He apparently longed for Indiana when the family moved to Iowa, as he returned and lived most of his life in Greenfield, Hancock County. In 1865 he married Olive P. Walker (no relation) (1839 — 1865), who died exactly two weeks after the birth of son, Charles Francis Walker (1865 — 1937). Charles Francis was sent to Iowa and raised by Leander's family there. Leander remarried to Irish immigrant, Mary "Eliza" Walsh (1843 — 1928). They had three sons, none of whom married.

  5. Francis and Catharine Walker's daughter, Rebecca, born in 1838, died in 1848, before the family left Indiana.

  6. Lovina Church Walker (1839 — 1916) was born in Milton, died near Morning Sun, Iowa. She never married, lived with assorted family members as an adult.

  7. William Pearsey Walker (1841 — 1924) had nine children (seven of whom were daughters) from his marriage to Mary Anderson (1844 — 1916). William ended up in Missouri, he and Mary divorced, and she landed with a daughter in the city of Des Moines, Iowa, where she died.

  8. 12 Charles Pearsey Walker (1843 — 1922) was my great grandfather. He married 12 Ruth Ellen Fox (1851 — 1889).

  9. Ann Clarinda Walker (1846 — 1924) married William Edgar (1838 — 1915), another son of John and Ann (Arnison) Edger. They lived on a farm near New London, and had eight children. William was in a (horse-driven) carriage in 1915 when he was hit by a train near the Edgar home.

  10. The youngest child of Francis and Catharine (Pearsey) Walker was Margaretta Catharine "Maggie" (Walker) Vaughn, wife of Jesse V. Vaughn (1851 — 1934). Born September 26, 1848, in Milton, Indiana, she died in 1933 in Goshen County, Wyoming. Maggie was the mother of six.

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