Walker family children, circa 1912

Walker Family Children — (left to right) Paul, Elsie, Ross, Maude, George and Cliff Walker (with a goat and a dog), about 1912

Maternal Families I

Looking back through generations

Note: the highlighted numbers by many names are arbitrary generation numbering. The names of the earliest known direct line ancestor of the families studied on these pages is William Fox (born about 1497).
The majority of my genealogical collection and information is at The Families of Dennis W. Brumm genealogy section my web site. It should be useful for research, and interesting to peruse.


Dennis Brumm in 1955

Dennis Brumm, 1955

Dennis William Brumm

This photo of 15 me was taken at about age 3. I think I remember the day it was taken. Born in 1952, I grew up in New London, Iowa, lived in Ames, Iowa, and am presently living in San Francisco, California

I am retired due to health concerns.

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My mother

Leota Walker at age 5 in 1917

Leota Walker, 1917

Hattie "Leota" Walker
(Leota Brumm)

My mother, 14 Leota Brumm, was born in March 1912. She died in November 1967. She had an earlier marriage to Kenneth Joseph Krekel (1909-1950) before marrying my father, Bill Brumm (1921-1986), in January 1952. I was her only child.

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My maternal grandfather

Sam Walker, 1917

Samuel Nathaniel "Sam" Walker, 1917

Sam Walker

13 My grandfather was 84 years old when I was born. He was born in 1869, I in 1952. I remember him a little (he died when I was 4 years old), but I can't remember much about him.

He married twice. His first wife, Hattie Moyers, died in 1917, and he remarried to Jennie "Reil" Hannah in 1920. Between the two wives there were sixteen children born in this family.

I am not the youngest of all his 31 grandchildren, but I am the youngest grandchild from the marriage to Sam's first wife, Hattie, Moyers.

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My maternal grandmother

Hattie Mae Moyers Walker, 1917

Hattie Walker, 1917

Hattie Mae (Moyers) Walker

13 My grandmother came from a family of ten children, so large families were not unknown to her. She married my grandfather, Sam, in October 1893, and they began to have children regularly until her death in 1917. She had eleven. Elsie, the oldest (born in 1894), lived the longest (until 1892).

Hattie died fairly suddenly April 7, 1918, from what was diagnosed at the time as scarlet fever.

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Letter from the Perry County Historians

Marge Kimble, my aunt (mom's half sister), has been instrumental in saving family documents and providing information on this side of my family. When she began to do genealogy, this letter she got from Perry County, Pennsylvania (after tracing the Walkers back to there) was a breakthrough in learning the family history.

Reil Walker in July 1939

Sam Walker's Second Wife,
Reil (Hannah) Walker (1892-1958)

Kenny Krekel in about 1948

Leota Brumm's first husband,
Kenny Krekel (1909-1950)

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