The "Walker Homestead" in 1906

The "Walker Homestead" in 1906 in Louisa County near Newport, Iowa

Maternal Families II

Looking back through generations

Note: the highlighted numbers by many names are arbitrary generation numbering. The names of the earliest known direct line ancestor of the families studied on these pages is William Fox (born about 1497).
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My Maternal
Grandfather's Father

Charles Pearsey Walker between 1910/1920

Charles Pearsey Walker, between 1910/20

Charles Pearsey Walker

12 Charles Walker (1843-1922) was born in Milton, Indiana. His mother, Catherine (Pearsey) Walker, was a native of Virginia. His father, Francis Samuel Walker (known also as "Sam"), was born in Knox County, Tennessee to immigrants who first settled in Pennsylvania in the mid 1700s.

Charles was one of eight children. When barely a teenager, after the death of his maternal grandfather, Charles Pearsey, the family pulled up roots in Indiana and moved to Des Moines County, Iowa, later settling in Henry County nearby.

Charles enlisted when the Civil War began, but didn't take so well to his commanding officer and left to go home. He then re-enlisted in a company from western Iowa, and to confuse the powers that be he used the last name Pearsey from his mother's family, rather than Walker.

He married Ruth Ellen Fox on the Fourth of July in 1868 in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. She died young four days after Christmas in 1889. A bit over a dozen years later, Charles remarried, to family friend and former neighbor, the widow Sarah Edgar. They lived in a small house near the Iowa River in Louisa County, the rest of the farm having been ceded to Charles' oldest son, Sam (my grandfather).

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My Maternal
Grandfather's Mother

Leota Walker at age 5 in 1917

Ruth Walker, 1883

Ruth Ellen Walker

12 Ruth Fox was the youngest of ten children of Nathaniel and Kitturah (McFarland) Fox. The family had roots in Virginia and Ohio. Ruth was born near New London, Henry County, Iowa, grew up there, and lived there as well after her marriage to Charles Pearsey Walker in 1868. She had eight children, and in the course of events developed tuberculosis. The family went to Texas for a time, hoping it would help with the disease, but they returned to Iowa in 1884 and settled in Louisa County.

My grandfather, Sam Walker, was the oldest child in the family (though they may have helped raise an older boy, as well, who was husband Charles's nephew, Charles Francis Walker). Two of the children of Ruth and Charles Pearsey Walker died in childhood, the other six, however, lived into adulthood and had long lives.

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My Maternal
Grandmother's Father

George Moyers, about 1885

George Washington Earl Moyers, 1885

George Moyers

One of my great grandfathers, 12 George Moyers, was born in 1849 in Des Moines County, Iowa, to Sam and Lucy (Deen) Moyers. As far as is known, the Moyers family saga of my direct line relatives began in Pennsylvania, left there for the area around Cincinnati, Ohio, and next moved to Carrollton, Illinois. Some of them, including Sam, George's father, ventured from Carrollton to southeast Iowa.

George married Rebecca Pence in 1869 in Burlington, Iowa. They lived for awhile in Des Moines County (where Burlington is), moved to Kansas for several years in the 1880s and then returned and settled in Louisa County, Iowa. Rebecca died in 1919. In 1922, George remarried a woman of whom little is known (Mary Smith, an Englishwoman), and she died about a year later in 1923.

George died at age 76 in 1926.

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My Maternal
Grandmother's Mother

Rebecca (Pence) Moyers, 1916.jpg

Rebecca Moyers, 1916

Rebecca Ellen (Pence) Moyers

12 Rebecca Pence was born in 1847 in Virginia. Her father was Jonathan S. Pence (1810-1865), her mother, Mary "Polly" Tutwiler Pence (1816-1848). Rebecca was the youngest of three daughters, and as her mother died not long after her birth and her father remarried in 1850, she was probably raised by a stepmother, as her father died of exposure at Alexandria, Virginia, during the war.

The Civil War was no doubt the defining event of her youth. By 1860, her family lived in the part of Virginia that would cede and remain on the side of the north as West Virginia.

After the end of the war, in 1866 at age 19, she accompanied a married sister, Mary Dean, to Iowa. There Rebecca met George Moyers and married him. Her sister, Mary, whom she accompanied going west, was the wife of Martin Dean, who happened to be a relative of George Moyers' mother, Lucinda (Deen) Moyers.

Rebecca and George Moyers had ten children. My grandmother, Hattie Mae, was the fourth.

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