Brumm men After the Hunt, circa 1905

William Brumm and some of his sons returning home after hunting

Paternal Families II

Looking back through generations

Note: the highlighted numbers by many names are arbitrary generation numbering. The names of the known five great-grandparents of the Brumm family are my oldest known paternal ancestors,
8 generations before me. These are: Johannes Zeither, Johann Adam Grossen, Joann George Saiber, Maria Barbara Ebert, and Johann Georg Siegristin.
The majority of my genealogical collection and information is at The Families of Dennis W. Brumm genealogy section my web site. It should be useful for research, and interesting to peruse.

My Paternal
Grandfather's Father

William Brumm in about 1905

William Brumm, circa 1905

William Brumm

5 William Brumm was born in 1850 in Württemberg, probably in the town of Sternenfels. His parents were Carl and Eva Juliana (Osswald) Brumm, whose families had lived in this region of Württemberg for at least several generations.

When William was age three, Carl Brumm and his brother, Daniel, took their families and boarded the ship Heidelberg at Le Havre, France, and set sail into the English Channel and Atlantic Ocean, landing in New Orleans, Louisiana, December 18, 1853.

After about a year remaining in New Orleans, they moved north on the Mississippi River, and settled in Burlington, Iowa, later moving a bit north of Burlington in Des Moines County.

Carl died in 1870. At some point before then, the family had acquired a farm in Benton Township, near Kingston, Iowa. William and his younger brother, John, became farmers there, living with their mother and families until she died in 1902.

William married Helena Thomas in 1873 and they set upon having a family. Eventually it would number six boys and one girl. William died in 1919, at age 69.

William Brumm's page in the genealogy section.

My Paternal
Grandfather's Mother

Helena Vandalia (Thomas) Brumm in about 1900

Helena Brumm, circa 1900

Helena Vandalia
(Thomas) Brumm

5 Helena Vandalia Thomas was the daughter of Isham Thomas and Mary (Flesher/Walker) Thomas. Her mother, Mary, had been the wife of a Joseph Walker (1809-1852), who was no relation to my maternal Walker family. After Joseph's death in 1852, said to be from the "Asiatic cholera," Mary, mother of nine Walker children, had a short-lived marriage to Isham Thomas Sr. They were married in 1853, Helena was born in 1854, and Isham soon moved in with children living in Benton County, Iowa, who were from Isham's first marriage to Nancy Whitman.

Isham was said to be of Welsh ancestry, Mary Flesher, whose personal genealogy remains a bit of an enigma, was probably from German stock. They died in 1865 and 1889, respectively.

Helena lived until 1922, 3 years after her husband, William Brumm's, death. Her obituary, lauding her religious belief, included this elegy: "In the home she was truly a queen of mothers. Home to her was her castle beautiful, and was never happier than on occasions that brought the children and grandchildren to enjoy its pleasures with her. Her genial disposition, her timely counsel, her godly sincerity, won for her in the hearts of her children and her friends and neighbors, a never to be forgotten peace."

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My Paternal
Grandmother's Father

Walter Theodore Lett in 1892

Walter Lett, 1892

Walter Theodore Lett

5 Walter Theodore Lett was the youngest child in his family of seven children (two others died in infancy and nothing is known of them). Born in 1866 in Benton Township, Des Moines County, Iowa, his siblings were 4 brothers and two sisters.

By 1870, the family lived in Huron Township in Des Moines County. Walter met the child of other Swedish immigrants, Ella Matilda Johnson, and they were married in 1892 in Burlington, Iowa. They lived in or near Mediapolis, Iowa, until about 1920 when they moved to Burlington. Their son, Charles, died of the flu in 1918. Their daughter, Bertha, married William Brumm.

Ella died in 1930, and Walter either had a short-lived marriage or simply relationship with a woman whose name is unknown. It is known of by both an aunt and uncle of mine, but I haven't found any "official" records of it.

Walter lived to the ripe age of 87, dying in May 1953, about one month before his daughter, Bertha Brumm, died.

Walter Lett's page in the genealogy section.

My Paternal
Grandmother's Mother

Ella Lett, 1892.jpg

Ella Lett, 1892

Ella Matilda
(Johnson) Lett

5 Ella Matilda Johnson was the oldest child in her family. Born in 1870 in Iowa, she arrived about a year after her parents (and maternal grandmother) arrived in the United States from Sweden.

Her parents were Samuel Edmond Johnson and Hannah Marie (Honson) Johnson. Upon their arrival in Iowa, they settled first near Morning Sun, Iowa, and later near Kossuth, a small village near the town of Mediapolis.

Ella and Walter Lett were married March 16, 1892. They had a daughter, Bertha, in 1893, and a son, Charles ("Charlie") in 1899.

Ella's sister, Sophie Page, lived in Burlington after her marriage, and when son, Charlie, moved there too to work in a (newfangled) motorcycle garage, his parents, Walter and Ella, soon followed. They lived on North 6th Street, later moving to Bartlett Street, where Ella died in 1930.

Ella Lett's page in the genealogy section.

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