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Dancing with Tears in My Heart

Format: Digital Package
Date: 2015
Software/Hardware: Reaper (DAW) with VST plugins, occasional online (free) samples, digital text to speech interpreters, Roland JV-1080 (sequencer), Miroslav Vitous Orchestral Samples-String Ensembles for (via Soundlib G-Player)

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I had no idea Mrs. Miller and Tiny Tim had a love child!
— H.O., California

This music has opened up neural pathways in my brain. And I'm not sure I can get them closed again!
— R.C., D.C.


Please consider following the tracks of "Dancing with Tears in My Heart" to the right with the lyrics/story and artwork in the accompanying pdf file.

My long term break from dabbling seriously in digital audio has come to an end, beginning September 2015. This project was finished November of that year.

The thought had crossed my mind periodically that I would enjoy dabbling in audio again, especially if I could keep it under control better than I did 20 years ago. I seem to have done that. Age and medication squash passion in many ways, yet my brain still feels pretty active. Additionally I have a lot of time (being on disability).

I'd thought about writing music that would concern some of the experiences I have had in the medical realm these past 17 years. 17 years ago (October 1998) I had the first of two aortic dissections. With the second came an artificial heart valve; in 2013 I was officially diagnosed with Marfan syndrome. Many other medical issues connected to Marfan haunt me nowadays.

What could possibly be a cheerier topic for musical exploration?

Since 2000, audio production has changed a lot for the occasional hobbyist. A number of fairly cheap or even free DAWs exit (digital audio workstations). Hard drive space has grown exponentially, as well as computing speed.

This doesn't mean one can't still stress out a computer system, but it is certainly more difficult and the end results are much nicer, in my opinion.

As this project evolved, music, though still part of it, was not the only medium I used for the stories. In fact, I'm not sure what the whole project might be called. But to me it feels like vintage Dennis. I'm happy with it. It is very versatile and eclectic.

For interpretive guides, rhythm beats are often my heart, the assorted changes I used in my voice frequently sound childlike. That's because the situation I'm in basically throws one back to starting all over from scratch.

Remember, if we don't make light of our foibles and travails, the terrorists have won!

All fourteen tracks of "Dancing with Tears in My Eyes" are available at this site, but perhaps a better way to listen, due to the playlists generated there, would be at the Internet Archive at this link.

CD Art and Gear:


Made with Reaper

Track Listing and Files

Track 1: Wrong Words, Dammit!

Track 2: That Ripping Moment

Track 3: Waking Up Alive

Track 4: Dancing with Tears [tairz] in My Heart

Track 5: A Bout of A-Fib (He's Got the Marfan)

Track 6: Admonishments

Track 7: What a Friend!

Track 8: Miss Rx 2015

Track 9: Ventricular TechnoCardia

Track 10: Waking Up Dead

Track 11: Radio Wrong Words

Track 12: Nothin' Bad

Track 13: Fanfare Review

Track 14: Dancing with Tears [teerz] in My Eyes Megamix Radio Edit

Rev. 2015