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Lost Treasures

Format: Audio CD, remastered off DAT tape
Date: 1992, 1993, 1994
Software/Hardware: Passport Encore (scoring), Passport Master Tracks Pro (sequencer), 386 PC running Windows 98 (later upgraded to 486, probably used in some of these pieces), Roland SC-7 general midi sound module, and Turtle Beach PC Maui sound card

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"Lost Treasures" is a collection of pieces I never fit into anyplace else. They tend to be things that were being produced immediately before I bought the JV-1080 synthesizer, which completely revolutionized what I could and could not do.

It seems one of the lost treasures will, at least for now, remain lost, as the second (short) movement of the Violin/Piano Sonata seems not to have made the CD when I produced it. I was just not being careful. To make up for the oversight, I linked to a pdf of its sheet music in the graphics samples area to the left. Likely I have the piece around here on DAT tape and could retrieve it if I get energetic someday.

I did not particularly enjoy the violin sonata of this disc after finishing it. It has some moments that are interesting. While working on it I considered it an exercise in trying to accomplish such a work, more than to have a piece of music I loved when finished. Not being trained on the violin limits my knowledge of its potential and limitations. It's unlikely at this late stage of life I'll take 5 years of lessons just to rework the music.

Essay (#1 in the samples below), with close to a dozen distinct pieces (sort of) woven into one, was something I worked on in spurts over a very long period of time, when nothing else whetted my interest. I kept taking little riffs I'd written and never used and tried to expand upon them. And used the general midi "doo" female voice as the predominant instrument.

One part of the Essay was used in "Martha Wildebeest." The Biosongs were, I think, being worked on right before I got the JV-1080, whereupon I dropped them, so they really were never finished. Now they all sound like I was just biding my time and being perhaps too cerebral, not exploiting much creativity.

"Chu Chu" and "Maria" (my har har Harry Partch phase) are a combination of digital audio samples (not necessarily considered musical) being used as instruments, mixed with the general midi of my Roland SC-7 and the Turtle Beach sound card I had at the time (which had comparable sound quality to the SC-7). Both use some samples of a German friend, Maria's, voice.

CD Art, Gear, and Further Information:

Roland SC-7 Sound Module, Turtle Beach Maui Sound card:

Roland SC-7 Sound Module Turtle Beach Maui Sound Card

Track Listing and Files

Track 1: Essay

Track 2: Cheers I Have Known

Sonata for Violin and Piano, August 1993
(originally "Six Pieces for Piano and Solo Violin")

Track 3: I. Saturday Morning

Track 4: II. Brunch — Grits and Gruel (apparently this is permanently lost)

Track 5: III. A Walk in the Park

Track 6: IV. Children in the Park

Track 7: V. VHS Play — Who Dunnit?

Track 8: VI. Singin' for Supper

Two Experimental Pieces and an Unfinished Biographical Project; Last Pre JV-1080 Music

Track 9: Chu Chu

Track 10: Maria

Track 11: Biosong 1 (Years 1952-1965)

Track 12: Biosong 2 (Years 1965-1970)

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