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Martha Wildebeest, as Featured on National Geographic Television

Format: Audio CD, remastered off DAT tape
Date: 1994 (CD remastered 1997)
Software/Hardware: Passport Encore (scoring), Passport Master Tracks Pro (sequencer), 486 PC running Windows 3.1, Roland SC-7 general midi sound module; Turtle Beach PC Maui sound card with thirty-two useable tracks, making 48 total audio channels available

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Before I permanently ditched cable television in about 1995 or 1996, I spent too much time in front of the television set, but I convinced myself it was ok because I watched PBS or the equivalent. It probably really isn't OK, but that should be a subject of a non-musical diatribe sometime else.

One night, after watching herds of wildebeest being decimated for the umpteenth time by any and every predator living within 200 miles of the herd, I felt a little sorry for them. Always the shows were about the predators, the wildebeest population was just added as fodder, literally and figuratively.

Today I'd likely think to myself, "They must taste awfully good!"

So I decided to write some music about Martha Wildebeest, a typical wildebeest housewife, who had managed up until the fifth movement of the music to avoid the predators, but after that she could say Gnu them. (Did you realize the Gnu is the same thing as the Wildebeest?)

It was all in fun, but it's too bad none of the upscale food places around here in Food-centric Francisco have wildebeest steaks (dry grass fed of course). Sounds interesting now, and wouldn't have all the gunk that goes along with industrial culture meat in its cells.

CD Art and Gear:

Roland SC-7 Sound Module, Turtle Beach Maui Sound card:

Roland SC-7 Sound Module Turtle Beach Maui Sound Card

Track Listing and Files

Track 1: Part I

Track 2: Part II

Track 3: Part III (The Chase)

Track 4: Part IV

Track 5: Part V

Track 6: Part VI

Track 7: Part VI

Track 8: Part VIII—Dissonant Reverberations

Track 9: Part IX—Glee Club

Track 10: Part X

Track 11: Part XI—The Big Bad Lion-Wolf #1

Track 12: Part XII—The Big Bad Lion-Wolf #2

Rev. 2015