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Miscellaneous Audio

Format: Digital Audio
Date: 1989 - 2007
Software/Hardware: Miscellaneous gear or software

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During the course of my multimedia adventures, I have created or used a wide variety of audio. Some of it is more interesting than others. Some of what I like or find more interesting, or that I haven't used elsewhere, is here.

Track 1 is the opening music planned to be used in the video "The Detaxilification of Quemalt Aite," 1992. This music ("Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater" on steroids) was to be used in a video that was never made. I think my frustration with the musical keyboard I had at that time festered to a head with this audio, which is what probably led me into getting better gear, computer(s), and software.

Tracks 2-5 are audio snippets from "Field of Nightmares," the 1989 World Series All-Bay-Area baseball video that turned into an earthquake-disaster show.

Tracks 6 and 7 are related to the video "Jupiter Tulips" and the remake of it, begun but not finished. The iconic Elvis Presley plays a big role in one scene of it, and Kate Smith sang "God Bless America" toward the beginning of the video. This rendition by Kate, however, was in a movie (about 1938), in which she announced she was introducing it as a new song by Irving Berlin. In fact he wrote it in 1918 and revised it in 1938. It's interesting to hear the opening verse before the well-known chorus part.

Tracks 8-11 are music from "The Day Pizza Fell from the Sky in Parallel Universe #4792283. "Close the Door" by Jim Lowe is a childhood song for me. I still have the album "Songs They Sing Behind the Green Door and More" with the track. In the video, it was used during the army of penises scene. "Hey Paula on the Danube" occurs during the dancing Cornish hens scene. "Video Game Masochists," a precursor to cell phone masochism, airs during the scene of video game addiction. Finally, "The Trial" was what happened after the destruction of the video game. Parallel Universes are sensitive about things like that.

Track 12 is simply audio from an old Certs commercial. "If he kissed you once, will he kiss you again?" Certs apparently inspired kisses, and probably unwanted pregnancies in the 1950s.

Track 13 is a compilation of the changing, modernizing theme music played at the beginning of "The Donna Reed Show," 1958-1966.


Track 1: The Detaxilification of Quemalt Aite, Opening

Track 2: Field of Nightmares DVD Opening Menu Montage

Track 3: Field of Nightmares: The World Series Finally Begins After the Hoopla

Track 4: Field of Nightmares: Game 3 of the World Series, Redux (San Fran "Kumbaya")

Track 5: Field of Nightmares: Finale with Art Agnos et al.

Track 6: Jupiter Tulips: Elvis Snippet Montage

Track 7: Kate Smith introduces a "new" song, "God Bless America"

Track 8: The Day Pizza Fell from the Sky in Parallel Universe #4792283: Close the Door by Jim Lowe

Track 9: The Day Pizza Fell from the Sky in Parallel Universe #4792283: Hey Paula on the Blue Danube

Track 10: The Day Pizza Fell from the Sky in Parallel Universe #4792283: Video Game Masochists Theme

Track 11: The Day Pizza Fell from the Sky in Parallel Universe #4792283: The Trial

Track 12: The Rape of Colorado or Fifty 5&10, commercial break: It's a Breath Mint. It's Two Mints in One!

Track 13: The Donna Reed Show theme music, 1958 - 1966

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