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The Myths of Biofuels

Format: DVD Video
Date: 2007
Software/Hardware: Pentium 4 CPU 3.00 GHz running Windows XP, Adobe Audition, online samples in the public domain, Sound Forge 7.0

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"The Myths of Biofuels" is discussed more fully, as a video entity, in the videos section, here (and the video can be watched there courtesy of the Internet Archive). This entry focuses on the music from the DVD with only a peripheral background to the science of the presentation on the DVD. The basics are: In 2007 I ended up making what I believe will be the last video I ever have anything to do with. It's not that I don't enjoy the complete saturation and taking over one's life making video entails (to do it right without a crew), but I am just no longer able to generate the oomph for such activity. Video was an ok run from 1987-2007.

If you haven't heard or read about it, the future of the human species is pretty much in doubt, and energy constraints will play a big part of whatever future we do happen to get. Presently we do a lot of delusional things around energy, because we've had a party of cheap energy since the 1860s when petroleum was found to be useful. Well, it's running down and harder to extract. And it AIN'T gonna get better. So now we're growing monocrop corn, while still using fossil fuel, to make gasoline and make sure we don't have to give up the convenience of cars in our lives. But we will. And probably under the most dire circumstances, considering how we do things.

Most of the music I sought and used on "The Myths of Biofuels" was not of my own making, but in the public domain. I used the internet archive (and a long term internet friend and musician/composer, 'Cheese Dog' for the music to the ending titles), and played the entire game by the rules, not using anything the RIAA might object to. How boring that can make things, but I think this all worked pretty well.

Toward the middle of "The Myths of Biofuels" David Fridley, who was giving the presentation about biofuels that this documentary recorded, went into what I decided was a potato parable. Rather than describe it here, the whole movie can be watched from links on the DVD page, just do that. This parable took on a life of its own and required some sort of music. I pulled out, well, opened up, a copy of Adobe Audition I had and had never used, and began to find and put samples into.

DVD Art and Gear:

Sound Forge:

Sound Forge screen capture

Track Listing and Files

Track 1: Insect Rave

Track 2: Opening Sutro Tower Video Starfield Audio

Track 3: Invasion (early unused version)

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