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People are Queer Cherries on a Short Holiday

Format: Audio CD, remastered off DAT tape
Date: 1999
Software/Hardware: Sound Forge 5.0, audio snippets and "samples" from an extensive collection of sundry music

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The title, "People are Queer Cherries on a Short Holiday," was a gift from two samples of Ethel Merman singing the more commonly known, "Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries."

Although I am not a giant fan of rap and/or hip-hop, the idea of sampling a lot of things and mixing them all up whets my experimental appetite. As far back as the days of cassette tape, I would sometimes take bits and pieces of recordings—music or voice—and try to arrange them in an order, small cut after small cut, to create a new flow and patchwork. (On "Lost Treasures" there are several pieces later on, with a similar experimental vein, but using such snippets of audio as instruments that change pitch and are scored on a staff.)

With computers, attempting such compilation is a lot easier and more sophisticated than cassette tapes ever were, and infinitely more accurate.

One day before New Years 2000 I decided to try compiling a new piece of a lot of things, using the technology I have in a way I hadn't before. I picked some music, added more as I went, and came up with "People are Queer Cherries on a Short Holiday," People of my generation will recognize many of the snips and snippets they hear in this. If one had to compare it to anything else, I'd say it's got similar elements to the Beatles' "Revolution #9" more than anything else; but there are some other devices up my sleeve. At times it should sound to you as though I've re-composed some standard songs which were familiar. Enjoy and don't over-analyze this too much!

CD Art and Gear:

Sound Forge (audio software):

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Track Listing and Files

People Are Queer Cherries… Complete Album

Track 1: Heart Heart Heart Heart (Aorta) Manly Walking

Track 2: No No No No No There's Betty Let's Ask Her

Track 3: People are Queer Cherries on a Short Holiday

Track 4: Jeanette's First Auld Warble Long Co-Syne Y2K No No No No

Track 5: Up a Lazy River Allegretto Andromeda

Track 6: Doo Doo Doo with the Skeeterettes (and More Cherries)

Track 7: Broom Broom Broom and Denver Roads Broom Broom Brooming

Track 8: Tokens Ringing

Track 9: Heart (Aorta) Don't Letter Know That You're Breakin' in Two

Track 10: Sugar All the Time

Track 11: Run Run Run. Fun Fun Fun.

Track 12: Scandalous Easter Berserk Parade

Track 13: Old MacDonald Had a Fran Sancisco

Track 14: Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Skeeterettes Two

Track 15: Living in a Julia Johnny Jimmy Stewart Child Angel's Paradise

Track 16: Go Downtown

Track 17: Ein bißchen Joy

Track 18: West Side Y2K Long Tonight Tonight Won't Be Just Any Night Signs

Track 19: Duh Duh Duh Duh Donka Shane

Track 20: I Left My Aorta in the Fog

Track 21: People are Still Having Silver Dollar Sex Surveys in the Rain

Track 22: Why Two Keys and the Skeeterettes See End of the World

Track 23: Singing in the Rainy Shane Lane

Track 24: People are Queer Cherries on a Short Holiday (reprise)

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