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Piano Nerd

Format: Audio CD, remastered off DAT tape
Date: Original score, winter 1994; CD produced in 1997
Software/Hardware: Passport Encore (scoring), Passport Master Tracks Pro (sequencer), 486 PC running Windows 3.1, Roland JV-1080 sound module

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"Piano Nerd," was composing music played on my childhood musical instrument. After orchestration, it was sort of like getting comfort food after an exotic meal that was full of unknown species stir fried together in a giant pot. I took piano lessons a good 11 or 12 years and was a piano major in college for awhile. That's not an excuse, nor alibi, but statement of fact.

Some of the piano midi music I wrote would definitely require a pianist with 6 fingers, but overall I would say it is potentially possible for very talented ones to play the most of it.

Sometimes I experiment with rhythmic sections that really would be very difficult for a living human to sense and play, I think. It's fun to hear what might have been if we had evolved with more digits and greater speed. Practical use of this is pretty limited though.

All this music was scored by the Passport program Encore that I used to use; possibly sometime I will add some scans of the sheet music to the site. By 1998 Passport had sold out to GVox and ceased to exist.

CD Art and Gear:

Roland SC-7:

Roland SC-7 Sound Module

Track Listing and Files

Track 1: Préludes sehnsüchtige et anciens (note: also on the CD "Decline and Demise…")

Track 2: Finger Follies — Part 1

Track 3: Finger Follies — Part 2

Track 4: Finger Follies — Part 3

Track 5: That Unexpected Visit

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