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Format: Audio CD, remastered off DAT tape
Date: 1995 (CD: 1997)
Software/Hardware: Passport Master tracks Pro (sequencer), 486 PC running Windows 3.1, Roland JV-1080 sound module, Roland PC 200 controller keyboard

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"Rain" and "Symphony for the Impending Republican Armageddon" were both created in the same manner, and they are the only music I made this way. Instead of my usual sit-down-and-score-everything-first style, I had acquired a fairly inexpensive controller keyboard, a Roland PC 200, and I sat down with it, improvised something (on one track), decided if I wanted to use it, expanded it to more tracks, and repaired it some from the damage of my bad playing.

This method of making music created two CD projects that really were quite different from any of the others I composed. I have a love/hate relationship with these, but "Rain" is the better of the two for sure. Sometimes I think it inspired a different level of creativity, sometimes I think things ended up more simplistic than they would have if I'd allowed myself to go cerebral. One complaint I have now is I sometimes dragged ideas out for too long. Again, "Rain" is better in this area than "Symphony for the Republican Armageddon."

"Rain" got its name from the miserable winter weather of 1995. It was one of the most continuously gray and sputtering, spluttering, winters I remember experiencing in San Francisco. Adding further exasperation to the depressing environment, the roof of my building kept sprouting leaks (I'm on the top floor), and the weather was never clearing long enough for the landlady to get people over to repair the holes. I don't remember the rain storms being individually horrendous that year as they are in some, but the overall effect, day-in and day-out was pretty gloomy for me.

There are mp3 files for all the tracks of this composition.

CD Art and Gear:

Roland JV-1080, PC-200 Midi Controller Keyboard:

Made with JV-1080 Synthesizer Roland PC-200 Midi Controller Keyboard

Track Listing and Files

Track 1: Shimmering Grey

Track 2: A Rare, Taunting, Sunny Day Dawns, Whereupon Pioneering, New Life Forms Emerge from Their Cocoons onto Haight Street

Track 3: Saturation Melodies Featuring that Damned, Leaky Roof that My Cheap Landlady Just Doesn't Want to Fix!

Track 4: Bleary, Pretty Puddles

Track 5: Torrentrickles on the Flood Plains

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