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Semenal Musickal
Semenal Musickal Sic Sic Sick

Format: Audio CD, remastered off DAT tape
Date: 1992, CD from 1997
Software/Hardware: Yamaha QY-10 sequencer sound module

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Yamaha QY-10


"Semenal Musickal" consists of a flurry of songs I created, input, or lifted when I first got a QY-10 work station and began my journey into computer music via midi. As such these include pieces of sheet music from my youth (or later) I had here and there in my apartment, ideas floating around in my head, and songs that were timely to events happening in the outside world at the time. The album "In Search of Australopithecus Brummicanus" together with this album complete the QY-10 music set (it is all original music, whereas this is not), and in the notes about it I described the immense limitations of the QY-10. All the music was written or devised (perhaps that's a better word) in about 5 months' time.

I put up a lot of samples here, as just revisiting this tinny sounding stuff was pretty interesting for me historically, and I could see the seed of future trends. This may not be a point of interest for anybody else in the universe, but hey, they're not writing this page.

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Track Listing and Files

Note: all 52 tracks of this CD are listed below on the page.

Four Earliest Pieces

Track 2: Here Comes Santa Claus

Track 4: Love to Love You Baby Maxwell House

California Synthphony in D Minor

Five Intermediate Exercises

Suite: Hurricane Andrew

European Holiday and a Brumm birthday

Track 43: Easter in Sarajevo/Danse des Helicöptres

New London Songs

Finale Songs

Seminal Musickal
Four Early Pieces
Track # Song # Song Title Length
Track 1 1 Holy, Holey, Wholly (Dennis Found the Hymn Book) 0:46
Track 2 2 Here Comes Santa Claus 1992 1:30
Track 3 3 Night Crawler Round-up-Barbecue (Cowboy Overtones, n'est-ce pas?) 1:11
Track 4 4 Love to Love You Baby Maxwell House 3:55
California Synthphony in D Minor and 4 Tracks
Track # Song # Song Title Length
Track 5 1 Adagiallegretto - Have a Nice Day (If You Dare) 2:38
Track 6 2 Valse de Fresno Freeway 1:24
Track 7 3 Hollywood Star Tours — Rod Serling Slept Here 1:11
Track 8 4 Sunny Surfy Wavy Week-End (interrupted by…) 2:21
Track 9 5 El Niño Sunday Rainshow 0:33
Track 10 6 Monday Pin Stripe Allegro — Featuring Disruption in C Minor 1:18
Track 11 7 L.A.'s Phoenix, Hooray Hoorah 1:12
Track 12 8 Killer Beeswarm Meets the Poinsettia White Fly (Ribald Mating Danse) 1:29
Track 13 9 Nocal Traffic Jam of the Hordes 1:58
Track 14 10 Post Disaster(s) Triplette in Five Parts 2:27
Track 15 11 Escape to Tahoe for the Day — Gambling, Gin, and Finale with the Tonic 3:31
Five Intermediate Exercises
Track # Song # Song Title Length
Track 16 1 The Old, Macho Cross 1:12
Track 17 2 Space Cadet Shurvletto 0:52
Track 18 3 Mama's Little Baby (Traditional) 0:27
Track 19 4 Czerny Thëftude 0:17
Track 20 5 Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer/Jingle Bells 2:36
Suite: Hurricane Andrew
I: Introbirth
Track # Song # Song Title Length
Track 21 1 The Unsuspecting Peninsula 3:34
Track 22 2 Tropical Depression 1:48
Track 23 3 Piano Concerto, Andrew's Youth — Bahamas Frolic 0:59
Track 24 4 Pickin' Up Steam, Andy — Boogie Set 1:23
Track 25 5 Omen Breeze — Flee From the Florida Funshine State! 0:42
Track 26 6 Organic Rock — Epcot Peril 0:35
Track 27 7 From Caribbean to Americus — Bahamas Blow Up 0:44
Track 28 8 Andrew Bach Twixt Isle and Shore 0:15
Track 29 9 Life at the National Hurricane Center 1:19
Track 30 10 Dixie Accelerandoette 1:41
II: Attack! (Adolescent Rage)
Track # Song # Song Title Length
Track 31 11 Andrew Ashore, Palms to Oz! 1:09
III: Aftermath, The Survivor Perspective
Track # Song # Song Title Length
Track 32 12 SoFla New Morn' (Bird Quintet) 0:23
Track 33 13 Interlude from Singin' in the Rain 0:49
Track 34 14 Let's Lute Miami — Chorus 1:07
Track 35 15 Minuetteosalutti 0:36
Track 36 16 Texasloumissabama Shrieksong ("Andrew's in the Gulf!!") 1:11
IV. Middle Age
Track # Song # Song Title Length
Track 37 17 Now I Pick My Burial Ground 0:55
Track 38 18 Lizzy Anna on My Mind 0:33
Track 39 19 N'orlinshower 1:21
Track 40 20 Water Moccasin Fang Gavotte 0:39
V. Hurrideath and Legacy: Into Lizzy Anna
Track # Song # Song Title Length
Track 41 21 Part I — It Don't Blow Down so Easy Here as Flahridah 0:54
Track 42 22 Part II — Ghosts to Kentuck, Storms to Connecticut 1:01
European Holiday and a Brumm Birthday
Track # Song # Song Title Length
Track 43 1 Easter in Sarajevo/Danse des Helicöptres 3:13
Track 44 2 Halftime at the Munich Fußball Match 2:56
Track 45 3 Scandinavian Sunrise 1:23
Track 46 4 Egad! Dennis Turned 40: The train of life choo choos on 0:42
New London Songs
Track # Song # Song Title Length
Track 47 1 Dewey Dewey Drop Drop Drop 1:39
Track 48 2 School Song in B Flat 0:58
Track 49 3 Lah Dee, Lah Dee, Lah Dee 1:39
Track 50 4 Heart and Soul 2:27
Two Miscellaneous End Items
Track # Song # Song Title Length
Track 51 1 Fanfare for the Arrival of Autumn 0:55
Track 52 2 Southern Pone Cookin' Bone 1:04

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