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Symphony for the Impending Republican Armageddon

Format: Audio CD (double disc), remastered off DAT tape
Date: 1994 (CDs 1997)
Software/Hardware: Passport Master Tracks Pro (sequencer), 486 PC running Windows 3.1, Roland JV-1080 sound module, Roland PC 200 controller keyboard

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[Note: the notes for the composition "Rain" provide further information regarding how I arrived at the music of "Symphony for the Impending Republican Armageddon."

I do not like most of the music on "Symphony for the Impending Republican Armageddon" now, but have put it up so you can listen to it, as I should not need to suffer all alone, even if it is all my fault.

Upon getting the JV-1080 synth, I was wowed so much by the marvelous sound of the technology I apparently forgot to worry about the need for creative use of it. Some of this CD just drags on and on, and although I could lie and say I was making a further statement about politics, I really wasn't.

There are some things I do like, but soon the music returns to going nowhere.

The background: in the U.S. Congressional elections of November 1994 the Republicans won control of the House of Representatives, ending about 30 years of Democratic control. I was no different from many people who leaned left at the time, and believed that this was a very scary prospect. In fact the roots of what were happening went much, much deeper, and the problem was systemic, not just political but social, political, and environmental. I've studied and learned a lot since 1994.

The artwork of the cover of the CD, more fun than the music, features Newt Gingrich, who is still alive and kicking, in purple face with radiation poisoning. This may still happen to him, actually.

"Symphony for the Republican Armageddon" was unfortunately too long for one CD, so I added two other pieces, which I now call "Two Whens" after the Armageddon was reached. In a bizarre way, being pieces about traffic congestion and people disappearing, they even fit into the bigger picture (of what I call "The Predicament") than I would have thought when they first were put side-by-side with the longer piece. They are not as terminally loosely organized as most of the rest of the music.

CD Art, Gear, and Further Information:

Roland JV-1080, PC-200 Midi Controller Keyboard:

Made with JV-1080 Synthesizer Roland PC-200 Midi Controller Keyboard

Track Listing and Files

Symphony for the Impending Republican Armageddon

Track 1: Andante con victo AM Blabberoso

Track 2: Moderato — Adagio

Track 3: Allegro

Track 4: Largo

Track 5: Presto Furioso

Track 6: Final March to Armageddon and Post Planet Oblivion

Two Whens

Track 7: When Friends Disappear

Track 8: Commuters' Hell, Commuters' Hymn

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