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We Shop Like Sheep!

Format: Digital Single
Date: 2015
Software/Hardware: Reaper (DAW) with VST plugins, occasional online (free) samples, digital choirs with dubious enunciation abilities, Roland JV-1080 (sequencer), Miroslav Vitous Orchestral Samples-String Ensembles for (via Soundlib G-Player)

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Notes and Lyrics

"We Shop Like Sheep!" was reconstructed from the Love Handels' Messy Duh, first thought to have decomposed in the 18th century, somewhere in England.

We shop like sheep!
Forever pay,
We have chargëd,
Ev'rything we've bought today.
And the int'rest charged us all's
the consumer debt of the world.

Song Art and Gear:


Made with Reaper

Track Listing and Files

Track 1: We Shop Like Sheep!

Rev. 2015