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Music and Me

My parents had to get me a (used, upright) piano at age 4 because I was bothering the neighbors who had pianos too much. Ever since I learned "Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater" and advanced to "Chopsticks," I'd become insufferable.

I started lessons the summer between kindergarten and first grade. For a time in college I was a piano major. Unfortunately I never really decided what I wanted to do when I grew up, so I didn't grow up. However, I aged.

I figured I had no talent at all when it came to composing something resembling music. I tried once at about age twelve, and the result was a disaster.

Computers changed that and gave me confidence through the miracles of midi and instant gratification.

About 1987 I began making a lot of videos (see the Sutro Tower Video link on the navigation bar). By 1990 I was frustrated by a lack of music I wanted to use with the videos.

Enter the Yamaha QY10.

It was an 8-track sequencer with some very synthetic sounding sample sounds.

I had no idea there was any way to use it other than to punch in loads of data for each note. On each of the 8 tracks. There was no graphical interface to let you know what was going on on the other tracks.

It required a good memory.

Being rather obsessive as I am, I spent all my free time composing, after an initial few weeks of entering notes off sheet music. It was a blast. I quit even working on movies to play with music.

I'd never thought a PC was very useful, but I got a Windows 3.1 machine about a year after the QY10. Then I bought a Roland SC-7 general midi sound module for somewhat better quality sounds. Not long afterward I got a Turtle Beach sound card that had decent sounds, better than the one that came with Windows. In several more years I got a Roland JV-1080 synthesizer. Finally I bought a new computer and installed Gigasampler on it. I bought $2000 worth of sound libraries for it.

About then the internet exploded. Soon my aorta followed in the internet's footsteps.

Occasionally I get a bout with nostalgia and think about trying to compose some music once again. I'm not really set up for it anymore, but I suppose anything is possible.

Check out the Compositions List page for more info and some samples of the music.

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