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Photos and Photography

The days of truly trashy, low-quality, digital snapshots is over! Yay!

Photography, once the hobby of a few who could afford all the costs involved with film, is now potentially ubiquitous. With that probably comes a decrease in creativity, but for me, on a fixed income, that's a price I'm willing to pay.

The cheapest of cell phones now take better photographs than my first digital camera did in 1996.

My interest in photography goes back to high school days, when for several years I was the school photographer for our yearbook. During 2014 I got a digital SLR Nikon, D3100. Cameras keep me out and about getting exercise.

Links on the left include my Flickr account, where I store things (and there are a lot of things to store). Selected Photos are my "favorites." Also there are older collections of digital art and photos.

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