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Early Gay Liberation Movement at Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa, 1971-1978
Lambda Line

Boys in the Band (1973 Version)

Playbill (front)

Boys in the Band Playbill, 1973 (1 of 2)

There were evidently a total of three productions of Boys in the Band at Iowa State during the 1970s. There was the original 1971 production; this one which apparently is from 1973 if the disclaimer about the "liberated" gay community can be believed, and a third production several years later (1976?).

I think staging it in summer when a lot of folks were out of town did make it harder to protest. But looking back on it, it really seems as if the theater people in Ames were obsessed with this play. I can't imagine why that was…tongue firmly in cheek.

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