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Early Gay Liberation Movement at Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa, 1971-1978
Lambda Line

Letters to the Editor

Letters Regarding the Union Demonstration and GSB Funding
Iowa State University Daily, February 1974

Daily Letters

GSB aid to Gays


Last night (Tuesday the 5th), GSB allocated $700 to the Gay Liberation Front. We, the undersigned, knew nothing of the vote or even the application for funds by the GLF, and think that this method of funding is not in keeping with the democratic form of government GSB supposedly Exemplifies. All of the undersigned are opposed to the funding of the GLF.

The money used to fund the GLF, an organization that is not backed by a majority of the student body, could have been used to much better purpose and with much better expression of the student body's will.

The signatures on this letter show that GSB did not act in behalf of the constituency they represent.

—Danny Mahnke
Math 3
and 21 others

Daily Letters

Object to funds


It has recently come to my attention that the GSB voted 15-1 in favor of a bill providing "educational" material for the Gay Liberation Alliance. Almost $800.00 was squandered by the GSB for the 10 dues paying members of this group. It is my opinion that the sex relations between these people is their own affair, however to subsidize these people seems to me to establish a substantial "accountability gap." It is my opinion that a majority of the students of this campus couldn't feel they were credibly represented by the GSB.

—Gary Moore
Pre-law 2

Daily Letters

GSB critic


I wish to thank the idiots in GSB for their total unconcern for the students of Iowa State. I'm not convinced that the new people are going to be of any more sound mind than this year's senators were. Surely they will be no worse.

GSB's allocation of $700 to 10 members of Gay Liberation was in total disregard of the "democratic" system of government here at ISU. If such condoning of special interest groups appealing to so few continues this year the students of ISU made the biggest mistake of all by not electing Denny Jackson president of GSB.

—Ted Peters(?)on

More Letters

Protest justified


The Friday, February 8, 1974 article, "Gays protest pamphlet" was quite interesting.

I have some additions and comments about the article. Protesters also alleged some of thee pamphlets defamed women, which sparked the comment by a member of the Women's Coalition quoted in paragraph six.

I participated in the protest because, after having read many of the cartoon pamphlets, I got the impression that the material was biased, over generalized and discriminatory. In general, the pamphlets were not contributing to world unity and brother-sisterhood.

The pamphlets did contain quotes from the Bible -- out of context for the most part. In rebuttal to ISU Christian Fellowship quotations, the GPLA had a sign bearing a quote from the Bible in favor of homosexuality.

Was the protest justified? By me, yes.

—Kenn Smart
S H 2

GSB contribution


Although I am not one of the 15 (not 10) "dues paying members" of Gay People's Liberation Alliance, I am a lesbian living and working in the ISU community and I wish to extend my thanks to GSB for its allocation to GPLA.

This action demonstrates an increased awareness that we are not all treated equally. Those of us who define ourselves as "homosexual" or lesbian have been denied equal time in this society. GSB's contribution for educational materials can help correct that denial on this campus.

No educational environment can be considered truly free and humane until all people are given a voice -- this action represents one important step in that direction.

An open educational environment is the greatest weapon we have against the prejudice and oppression that have been and continue to be leveled against us.

These funds can hardly be considered to have been "squandered for 10" people when they will be used to provide a means of re-education for anyone willing to take the time to question the myths and stereotypes that have been so dangerously perpetuated in our society.

By the way, notice of application of funds was duly published. Nothing underhanded has taken place.

Thanks to those 15 who have chosen to risk being so open and to an enlightened GSB.

—name withheld upon request

Requests money


My, my, $700 to the Gay Liberation Front. If only I had known the GSB had so much money to give away. Not that I'm saying it's not a good cause, but there are better. Take mine, for instance.

For three years now my crew and I have been searching out Klingons and Romulans and sending them back to the planet Zircon. Did we ask for financial aid? No. But in this new light, I would like to request $700 to make repairs on my energizer. Spock will beam over to pick it up.

—Bill Lenagh

Gay Blade


"The Gay Blade," (a damning and vicious comic book tract on homosexuality recently passed around campus) is a perfect example of insecure and unhappy people using the Bible as an excuse to vent their sick hate and prejudice on other human beings.

To take literally the words of "the good book" presents a horrifying prospect. For example, the psalmist urges us to "dash the children of our enemies to pieces on the rocks. . ." To follow the Bible's advice on the castigation of homosexuals i no less outrageous.

I find it a sad irony that those disciples of a "god of love" are contributing to the spread of hate and intolerance in this manner.

—Holly Burkhalter
Hist 2

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