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Early Gay Liberation Movement at Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa, 1971-1978
Lambda Line

Gays Protest Pamphlet

The Gay Blade, a J.T. Chick Publication

Iowa State University Daily
1st week of February, 1974

The Demonstration
The Daily Write up of the Demonstration

Gays protest pamphlet

A symbolic Jesus Christ and over 30 "disciples" marched through the Memorial Union yesterday in protest of a pamphlet distributed by a local religious group which, the protesters allege, defames homosexuals.

Persons from such groups as the Gay People's Liberation Alliance (GPLA) protested distribution of an illustrated pamphlet entitled "Gay Blade" at the I.S.U. Christian Fellowship booth in the Union.

The pamphlet is "Obnoxious" and presents a "very slanted viewpoint," according to Allen Bell, co-chairbeing of the GPLA. Bell referred to a passage in the pamphlet which stated: "Out of Satan's shadowy world of homosexuality . . . ."

Wayne Wolchek, campus minister of the Fellowship, said the pamphlet might not depict homosexuals in a totally accurate context, but does contain Biblical quotations referring to homosexuality.

After the march through the Commons, protesters exchanged words with members of the Fellowship.

A member of the Women's Coalition said, "I don't give a shit what the Bible says."

Wolchek said the pamphlets were distributed, along with over 20 others, because they dealt with a contemporary issue.

Others at the booth agreed the pamphlet would have higher reader interest than a blank sheet of paper listing the Biblical quotations.

Protestors hope to draw attention to "the fact that oppression against homosexuals cannot go on without a fight," Bell said, adding the method of protest was peaceful.

Wolchek said his group is entitled to freedom of expression and can distribute literature in the Union because they are a recognized student organization.

This was the first time a "co-chairbeing" was afforded proper notice in the Daily. It is not known if one has ever surfaced since.

"I don't give a shit what the Bible says," was said by Patty Parsons of the Women's Coalition. I can still vividly remember her righteous anger at those folks.

I also remember when Tom, our gentle Jesus, put on the robes and bore the heavy cross into the Commons how immediately he was put under attack by several of the Campus Crusade folks and accused of pretending to be Jesus but instead being "the Antichrist."

The Gay Blade

Golly, I never could have suspected that "the Antichrist" had half a chance in hell of spawning itself in Ames.

For the longest time while Campus Crusade had their booth up passing out the tracts, several folks and I went over to their recruiting table to swipe every copy of The Gay Blade they'd lay down on their table. They were no dummies; they wised up quickly and began putting the tract out in single quantities; we therefore simply took them one at a time. I tore a whole fistful of them up and dumped them in the trash right in front of their group early on, and they seemed happy to play the act of sad, despised martyr at that moment when I glared into their eyes.

The tract quickly became a memento and nearly everyone wanted to have their own copy. Campus Crusade ran out of them; no one much paid any attention to the rest of their trash.

If you're missing your own copy of the tract or want to see what the hubbub's all about, try this link, or else click on the image of the tract above.

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