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Early Gay Liberation Movement at Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa, 1971-1978
Lambda Line

Gay Peoples' Liberation Alliance Constitution

G.P.L.A. Gets a Constitution, October 3, 1973

In order to gain recognition from the Government of the Student Body (GSB), a Constitution was required. Images courtesy of Harold James Osler, original typist was apparently David Windom.

GPLA Constitution

I.		In the future the name of this organization shall be the Gay People's
		Liberation Alliance.

II.		Goals of the Group
		A.	To liberate gay people from all forms of oppression.
		B.	To promote positive gay self-concepts and positive gay lifestyles
			recognizing the individual's right of self-determination.
		C.	To develop awareness and understanding among people of differing
			sexual orientations.
		D.	To participate in the necessary wider aspects of sexual and
			social change.

III.	Membership
		A.	Membership shall be open to all people of any sex, creed, race,
			religion, national origin, political affiliation, class, or
			sexual orientation.
		B.	The Voting Membership is defined as those who have paid
			membership dues.

IV.		Organization
		A.	The organization of the Gay People's Liberation Alliance
			shall consist of:
			1.	The General Membership.
			2.	Two Chairpersons from the Voting Membership.
			3.	A Secretary from the Voting Membership.
			4.	A Treasurer from the Voting Membership.
			5.	Committees from the General Membership.
		B.	Committees shall be formed as needed.
		C.	The Chairperson
			1.	The Membership will elect one Chairperson each quarter.
				One of the original chairpersons selected will serve
				one quarter, the other will serve two quarters (to be
				established by a vote). Thereby, a staggered order is
				established, after the first election, each chairperson
				will serve two quarters.

GPLA Constitution

			2.	The two Chairpersons will alternate in chairing the meetings.
			3.	The Chairpersons shall have the following duties at a meeting:
				a.	Organize agenda.
				b.	Delegate responsibilities.
				c.	Call for Discussion of topics on the agenda.
				d.	Keep discussion on the topic
				e.	Summarize discussion.
				f.	Call for a vote.
				g.	Inform the meeting of the result of the vote and repeat
					the resolution if adopted.
			4.	During the meeting, the chairperson in charge:
				a.	May not take part in discussion.
				b.	May not vote except in the case of a tie vote.
				c.	May let his or her co-chairperson take the chair for the
					duration of the topic at hand if he or she feels it is
					necessary to discuss or vote on a topic.
				d.	The Voting Membership shall select a secretary and
					treasurer whose tenures will be on a [for a]
					chronological year.

V.		Electoral processes
		A.	Elections shall be held for the secretary and Treasurer the second
			meeting of each fall quarter.
		B.	The Chairpersons shall be selected the second meeting of each
			quarter for the current quarter.
		C.	No officer shall hold the same office for two consecutive terms.

VI.		Recall procedures
		A.	Impeachment proceedings may be begun by a petition with 50% of the
			Voting Membership asking for such procedure.
		B.	The remaining officers shall call a special investigation within one
			week after receiving such a petition.
		C.	Discussion shall be heard by the General Membership.
		D.	A vote of 2/3 of at least 75% of the voting constituency shall impeach
			an elected officer from his [or her] office.

GPLA Constitution

VII.	Meeting Procedure
		A.	Business Meetings shall be held at least once a month and last for at
			least one hour.
		B.	The quorum shall consist of a simple majority from the Voting

VIII.	Amendments
		A.	May be proposed from the officers or petition signed by at least half of
			the General Membership.
		B.	Amendments shall be adopted if passed by at least 2/3 of the voting
			membership at two meetings at least three months apart.

IX.		Articles in this constitution shall be ratified by a 2/3 majority of the
		General Membership.

By-Laws of the Constitution

A.	Elections shall be held by secret ballot.

B.	Meetings shall be called by consensus of the chairpersons when they deem them necessary.

C.	At least two of the four officers shall be students.

D.	At least one of the chairpersons shall be a student.

E.	Vacancies in the executive committee shall be filled from the voting membership.

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