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Early Gay Liberation Movement at Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa, 1971-1978
Lambda Line

Published Newsletters

Assorted Newsletters from Gay Organizations at Iowa State University and Ames

The newsletters are all available now as pdf files; they have been cleaned up some from the scans originally put online. The GLA newsletters from 1984/85 were several a friend in Ames sent to me long after I'd left the area.

Gayly Forward, February 1974

Gayly Forward, February 1974

The Zapping of Sister George
Gay Lib Doesn't Draw Crowds
APA Indecisive Now!
ACLU Enters Child Custody Battle
Liberation of Lesbos?
The Mechanics Involved in Oppression
Historical Association Favors Gay Rights
The Poets' Page
Gayly Forward No. 1 What Do You Think? (Recap)

Gayly Forward, March 1974

Gayly Forward, March 1974

The Battle of Memorial Union
Area Politicians Talk with GPLA
Open Letter to a Paranoid
GPLA Gets Recognition, Funding
The Atrocious Gay Blade
U.S. Army Doesn't Oust Gay Soldier
An Interview with Dr. Quook Q. Schnook (Tacky Department)
Right to Work for Gays
Assorted Poetry
Oppression and Unity
Gays Organize in Ft. Dodge
Saga of Joe C. Cool: A Lecture on Latenism
Medicaid for Transsexuals?
Gay Dance Ad

Gayly Forward, April/May 1974

Gayly Forward, April/May 1974

No Capitals
Iowa Conference
Gay and Proud: Local Resource Information
We Need Your Help!
National Resources

Coleus and Dogbreath Too, Fall's End 1974

Coleus and Dogbreath Too, Fall Quarter 1974

Editorial Statement
Betty Lou's Magic Closet Door
Denim Dayze
Feb. 14, A Poem for Valentine's Day
The Dyke Sabateurs' Collective- - - -A Political Statement
Things for Bored Faggots to Do! (Lyla Butch Pompadour)
March 20, A Boring Poem
Untitled Article about Genderfuck (by Stewart Scofield of Grinnell)
Dennis' Depressed Article
July 10, Janitorial Paranoia
The Class "Queer"
Recap/Local Resources

Burned Out, Winter Quarter 1975

Burned Out, Winter Quarter 1975

Editorial Statement
Iowa Spring Conference
[Bitter] Poem by an Isolated Faggot
Throw It In the Fire
Reflections on Meeting Joe
Reflections on Being In Love Again (Steve Duhr)
(Graphic Sex-Love Filler)
My Notes on the Revolution
Manitoba Lola's "Excesses Are So Decadent, Darling"
Thoughts for Michael
Skag Drag, Gay Men, and Sympathy for Women
Article about being Gay and God (Beaver)
Local Resources

Sarah Bernhardt's Farewell American Tour

Sarah Bernhardt's Farewell American Tour, Spring 1975
("Sarah…" was published after we'd learned our newsletters were not "educational" enough and the Government of the Student Body (GSB) was de-funding them for the next year.)

Editorial Statement
Particularly Homoerotic Poem (for GSB, not noted, but as I remember it)
Ode to My S&M Sweetheart
G.S.B. Blues
Report on Gay Lib in Ann Arbor, Michigan from the Iowa Conference
How Dare You! (On Straight Assumptions)
The Elopement (Or I Wish Bashers Weren't so Queer)
Just a Passing Thought…
Isn't That Christian (Poem)
Draw Your Own Centerfold
First Denominational Neapolitan Community Church
Camp Drag for Boys
The Very Beginnings of Manitoba Lola
Things Your Mother Never Told You -OR- Aunt Henry's Helpful Homo Household Hints
Quiz Yourself…How Much Have You Learned (For Those Educable People in Student Government)
Stay Tuned We'll Be Back
Local Resources

GLA Newsletter, December 1984

Gays & Lesbians of Ames Newsletter, December 1984

Ames High Teachers Hear Community Speakers
Phone Line Needs More Volunteers
December Social Activities
Club Night
Summary of Past Events
Editorial Statement
Of the People
GLSO Highlights
Committee Business
Together as a Community
Wheathon People (poetry)
Treasurer's Report
Midwest Lesbian/Gay Student Conference
Brief Notes/General Information and Notices

GLA Newsletter, January 1985

Gays & Lesbians of Ames Newsletter, January 1985

Meeting Dates Changed
Social Committee Report
P.S. Your Cat Is Dead Plays in Des Moines
Listeners Hours Clarified
Women's Dance Big Success
Editorial Information
Letter to the Editor
Campus Events
Programming Survey Results
Upcoming Des Moines Programs
Newsletter Reporters Needed
Christian Support Group Forming
UNI-GLO Proposes Blue Jeans Day
General Information and Notices/Calendar

Intersecting Symbols Line