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Early Gay Liberation Movement at Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa, 1971-1978
Lambda Line

The Killing of Sister George

Protest Handouts, January, 1974

Killing of Sister George Flyer, Lesbian Alliance

Handout at Protest of Play: Lesbian Alliance

To the audience:

We hope that you will not view this play as typical of Lesbian relationships -- because it is not. The social roles imposed upon the characters often results in personal and human tragedy. As we work to free all women from the myths and stereotypes presented in this play, we hope that you will remember it is a fictional work.

We object to the presentation of The Killing of Sister George because it is the only example of Lesbian relationships to have been presented at Iowa State University. The assumption is made that Lesbian relationships require a heterosexual model and therefore love between women as women is an impossibility. Further, it is assumed that destructive and childish, sado-masochistic relationships between two women are the norm. Relationships of this nature are atypical and regardless of the sex of the persons involved, often result in destruction.

This play may leave the impression that Lesbian relationships are doomed because they are Lesbian relationships. If you are interested in another view, our view as Lesbians, may we recommend Lesbian/Woman by Phyllis Lyon & Del Martin which will be reviewed January 31, at 3:30 in the Memorial Union.

Thank you,
Lesbian Alliance
P.O. Box 1287
I.S.U. Station

Killing of Sister George Flyer, GPLA

Handout at Protest of Play: Gay Peoples Liberation Alliance

We, the members of Gay Peoples Liberation Alliance, object to the staging of the play "The Killing of Sister George," which is being produced by the Iowa State Players.

We feel the content of the play is objectionable because it follows the societal vogue of assuming that all homosexuals are deviant perverts, inferior, sick, abnormal, and unhappy. The characters in "Sister George," by exaggerating the dominant-submissive roles of male-female sexual relationships, demean women as well as Gays. The play is counterproductive to those of us who are trying to restructure the oppressive framework of our present sexist society.

The dramatic or literary quality of the play is not in question. We only attack its content -- sick and sad Lesbian relationships -- as politically and morally objectionable.

This is not the first occasion that Iowa State ("Straight") University has persecuted those of us of homosexual orientation. The movie this fall and the play several years ago of "The Boys in the Band," also misrepresented the Gay community by presenting and perpetuating stereotypes, myths, misconceptions, and lies about homosexuality.

The play, "The Killing of Sister George," is just another example of anti-homosexual material being presented under the auspices of a state university. It is misleading and misrepresentative of how most Gay people (women or men) conduct their lives.

We believe that the university could (and should) be in the forefront in helping to eliminate unhealthy walls of oppression of all oppressed peoples. It is unfortunate when, instead, Iowa State is allowed to forge another link in the chains geared toward protection of the chosen few, the status quo, and the established order.


P.O. Box 1001, ISU Station
Ames, Iowa 50010

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