Tiger 1970

1970 NLHS Seniors' Activities

Dennis Brumm

Dennis Brumm

Class motto: "We live in the best of all possible worlds; we will make it better."

Class colors: Golden Bronze and Mahogany

Class flower: Daisy Pom Pom

High School Baccalaureate: May 17, 1970, 8 P.M.

High School Commencement: May 21, 1970, 8 P.M.

Recent information as of 2013: lived in Ames, Iowa, 1970-1978, San Francisco, California, 1978 to present. Has one, ageing cat.

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Officers/Student Council:
Student Council … 9

Mixed Chorus … 9-12
Boys' Glee Club … 10-11

Masqued Tigers … 11-12
Thespians … 12

Class Plays
The Beverly Hillbillies … 11
Mrs. McThing … 12

The Mikado … 11
Annie Get Your Gun … 12

Basketball … 9-12
Football Manager … 11-12

Informer … 9-11
Yearbook … 10-12
Assistant Editor, 12

Academic Organizations
French Club … 9-12
(President, 12)
Science Club … 11-12

Other & Miscellaneous
Fox High School Exchange Student … 11
Most Likely to Succeed


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Dennis Brumm
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Anne (Harper) Higgins
Trudy (Hoyt) Smith
Jeri (Johnson) Lyles
Bill Laipple
Marvin Landes
Joyce (Layman) Larmore
Alan Lutenegger
Gina (McKinnon) Anderson
Charlene (Miller) Henson
Brad Raines
Janene (Schroder) Luke
Rick Shacklett
David Shelledy
Bill Simmons
Evelyn (Simmons) Woodruff
Barb (Smith) Blint
Linda (Thompson) Magata
Clinton Walker
Roberta (Wolfe) Pfadenhauer
Roger Wood
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