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Relevant Mementos and Ephemera

8th Grade Promotion

8th Grade Graduation

Ephemera: transitory written or printed matter not meant to be retained or preserved

Memento: a keepsake, souvenir of remembrance

Links here will be information of interest to all or some members of our class (no photographs this section.)

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Need or haven't come upon yet: 1970 class prophecy from the class of 1971. Class wills and prophecies of many other years.


Susan (Bailey) Rinn
Denise (Brinkmeyer) Bell
Dennis Brumm
John Byrd
Barb (Coberley) Byrd
Dennis Cook
Dick Davis
Deb (Denney) Talley
Jeannine (Dotson) Coberley
Chris (Dunbar) Hanson
Wendell Edgington
Jolane (Greulich) Gooding
Anne (Harper) Higgins
Trudy (Hoyt) Smith
Jeri (Johnson) Lyles
Bill Laipple
Marvin Landes
Joyce (Layman) Larmore
Alan Lutenegger
Gina (McKinnon) Anderson
Charlene (Miller) Henson
Brad Raines
Janene (Schroder) Luke
Rick Shacklett
David Shelledy
Bill Simmons
Evelyn (Simmons) Woodruff
Barb (Smith) Blint
Linda (Thompson) Magata
Clinton Walker
Roberta (Wolfe) Pfadenhauer
Roger Wood



1966 8th Grade Graduation Program (pdf)

1966 8th Grade Promotion Certificate (1 of 2)

1966 8th Grade Promotion Certificate (2 of 2)

1966 Baccalaureate Program (pdf)

1967 Baccalaureate Program (pdf)

1968 Baccalaureate Program (pdf)

1968 Commencement Program (pdf)

1970 Baccalaureate Program (pdf)

1970 Commencement Program (pdf)


David Lee Alton — Obituary
Dave died in a car accident near Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, in 1976. He was a member of the New London class of 1970 from kindergarten until his family moved out of town in about 1967.


Baker-Lane, Barb (Scheetz) — Obituary
Barb Scheetz was a member of the class of 1970 at New London between kindergarten and junior high school.

Basketball: "New London Will Hold Cage Clinic"
Published in The Burlington Hawk-Eye, October 28, 1969. Note: Many sports-related links are found in the "Personal" section.

Birthday Book: First Grade, September 1958
Crayon art pics drawn by m classmates in 1958 in honor of my birthday.

Brinkmeyer (Denise) Senior Class Party Invitation
The party was after baccalaureate, at the home of class member, Denise Brinkmeyer.


Calendar: 1970 New London School Year (pdf)

Carnahan, Anna (Gillis) — Death Notice/Obituary
The class of 1970's junior high school English teacher, Anna Carnahan, was in a very bad automobile accident in the summer of 1969.


Davis, Elaine — End of Year Letter to Parents

Davis, Elaine — Note to Mr. and Mrs. Brumm
Miss Davis came to our house for supper one evening toward the end of the school year; the note of appreciation from her to my parents, Bill and Leota Brumm, was regarding that event.

Drewer, Helen G. — Obituary
Helen was a teacher's aide in the New London school system.








Kermeen, Faye — Obituary
Faye Kermeen taught the class of 1970 in sixth grade, later junior high math.

Kermeen, Faye — Retirement
An article published in 1974 about the upcoming retirement of Faye Kermeen after 45½ years of teaching.


Lounsbury, Versie Doretna (Pierce) — Obituary
Versie, one of our class's second grade teachers, died in 1979 at age 75.

Luke, Janene Ann (Schroder) — Obituary
Janene died in 2009 of complications from cancer.


McIntire, Anne (Winslow) — Obituary
Class of 1970 junior high school science teacher in 7th grade, Anne McIntire, who died in 2005.

Mosley, Marion C. "Mac" — Obituary
Class of 1970 junior high school science teacher in 8th grade, Mac Mosley, who died in 2005.


New London — Benefactors
"Generous People are Benefactors to New London," published June 1, 1969.


Ozark Luggage Tags
1969 Ozark Luggage Tags, St. Louis Student Exchange Trip (The first time I ever flew).




Romeo & Juliet at Cedar Rapids Regis — Program
Junior (or else Junior and Senior) English classes from New London (and many other high schools of the state) went to the Shakespearean play at Regis High School, Cedar Rapids, on a school day afternoon. Students from around the state attended. It turned into a high school giggle fest.


Simmons, William "Bill" Garrold — Obituary
Bill died of cancer.

Skinner, Edna Rozella (Ewoldsen) — Obituary
Edna taught 5th grade to part of the New London High School class of 1970.

Stearns, Harry Everett "Skip" — Obituary
Harry was a classmate during early grade school.


Totemeier, Doris (Hupp) — Obituary
Doris Hupp taught fourth grade when the class of 1970 was that age; a number of years later she was a substitute teacher in the New London school system.







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