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Relevant Photos and Snapshots

A 1969 Yearbook Pic

8th Grade Graduation

Photos or snapshots which may also be in available yearbooks, or otherwise pictures I obtained, accumulated, and so forth as a kid in New London

Links here will be information of interest to all or some members of our class; see also mementos. (Don't confuse the photos section in the New London school section with the main photos section of my web site.)

The pictures are organized into relevant groups, which can be accessed consecutively by using the next or previous buttons on the right or left after a photograph has loaded. These are: grade school pictures, grade school administration/teachers, others.


Susan (Bailey) Rinn
Denise (Brinkmeyer) Bell
Dennis Brumm
John Byrd
Barb (Coberley) Byrd
Dennis Cook
Dick Davis
Deb (Denney) Talley
Jeannine (Dotson) Coberley
Chris (Dunbar) Hanson
Wendell Edgington
Jolane (Greulich) Gooding
Anne (Harper) Higgins
Trudy (Hoyt) Smith
Jeri (Johnson) Lyles
Bill Laipple
Marvin Landes
Joyce (Layman) Larmore
Alan Lutenegger
Gina (McKinnon) Anderson
Charlene (Miller) Henson
Brad Raines
Janene (Schroder) Luke
Rick Shacklett
David Shelledy
Bill Simmons
Evelyn (Simmons) Woodruff
Barb (Smith) Blint
Linda (Thompson) Magata
Clinton Walker
Roberta (Wolfe) Pfadenhauer
Roger Wood



1966 NLHS Class Composite Photo


Alton, David (1958, kindergarten)

Alton, David (1959, first grade)

Alton, David (1961, third grade)

Alton, David (1962, fourth grade)

Alton, David (1963, fifth grade)

Allen, Regina (see: Orr)

Anderson, Gina (see: McKinnon)


Baker, Barb [also Baker-Lane] (see: Scheetz)

Bell, Denise (see: Brinkmeyer)

Berkas, Dean (1961, third grade)

Berkas, Dean (1962, fourth grade)

Berkas, Dean (1963, fifth grade)

Billingsley, Boyd (1959, first grade)

Bozarth, Bobby (1961, third grade)

Bozarth, Bobby (1962, fourth grade)

Bozarth, Bobby (1963, fifth grade)

Brennan, Jennie (1959 school year)

Brennan, Jennie (1961 school year)

Brennan, Jennie (1962 school year)

Brennan, Jennie (1963 school year)

Brinkmeyer (Bell), Denise (1958, kindergarten)

Brinkmeyer (Bell), Denise (1959, first grade)

Brinkmeyer (Bell), Denise (1961, third grade)

Brinkmeyer (Bell), Denise (1962, fourth grade)

Brinkmeyer (Bell), Denise (1963, fifth grade)

Brown, David (1959, first grade)

Brumm, Dennis (1958, kindergarten)

Brumm , Dennis (1959, first grade)

Brumm, Dennis (1961, third grade)

Brumm, Dennis (1962, fourth grade)

Brumm, Dennis (1963, fifth grade)

Brumm, Dennis (1970, high school senior pic)

Butler (Wheeler), Lee Ann (1961, third grade)

Butler (Wheeler), Lee Ann (1962, fourth grade)

Byrd, John (1962, fourth grade)

Byrd, John (1963, fifth grade)


Campbell, J. Keith (1961 school year)

Campbell, Jean (1961, third grade)

Campbell, Jean (1962, fourth grade)

Campbell, Jean (1963, fifth grade)

Carnahan, Anna (1959 school year)

Carnahan, Anna (1961 school year)

Carnahan, Anna (1963 school year)

Carson, D. (1958, kindergarten)

Coberley, Jeannine (see: Dotson)

Coleman, Cecil (1959, first grade)

Cook, Leslie (1958, kindergarten)

Cousins, Lloyd (1958, kindergarten)

Cousins, Lloyd (1959, first grade)

Creelman, Jolane (see: Greulich)

Crouch, F. (1958, kindergarten)


Davis, Dickie (1961, third grade)

Davis, Dickie (1962, fourth grade)

Davis, Dickie (1963, fifth grade)

Davis (Guy), Elaine (1959 school year)

Dayton, Jacque (see: Pickle)

Denney (Talley), Debby (1958, kindergarten)

Denney (Talley), Debby (1959, first grade)

Denney (Talley), Debby (1961, third grade)

Denney (Talley), Debby (1962, fourth grade)

Denney (Talley), Debby (1963, fifth grade)

Dotson (Coberley), Jeannine (1962, fourth grade)

Dotson (Coberley), Jeannine (1963, fifth grade)

Dougherty, Kim (1961, third grade)

Drewer, Helen (1961 school year)

Drewer, Helen (1962 school year)

Drewer, Helen (1963 school year)

Dunbar (Hanson), Christie (1962, fourth grade)

Dunbar (Hanson), Christie (1963, fifth grade)


Edgington, Wendell (1958, kindergarten)

Edgington, Wendell (1959, first grade)

Edgington, Wendell (1961, third grade)

Edgington, Wendell (1962, fourth grade)

Edgington, Wendell (1963, fifth grade)

Elementary Teachers (1963 school year)

Ellsworth, Elizabeth (1959 school year)

Essary, C. (1958, kindergarten)


Folgelsong, Leota (1959 school year)

Fourth Grade 4-1, Parkin (1962 school year)

Frye, B. (1958, kindergarten)


Gilbert, Keith (1958, kindergarten)

Gilbert, Keith (1959, first grade)

Gilmore (Stocks), Joyce (1963, fifth grade)

Gooding, Jolane (see: Greulich)

Greulich (Gooding), Jolane (1958, kindergarten)

Greulich (Gooding), Jolane (1959, first grade)

Greulich (Gooding), Jolane (1961, third grade)

Greulich (Gooding), Jolane (1962, fourth grade)

Greulich (Gooding), Jolane (1963, fifth grade)

Grinstead, Greg (1958, kindergarten)

Grinstead, Greg (1959, first grade)

Grinstead, Greg (1961, third grade)

Grinstead, Greg (1962, fourth grade)

Grinstead, Greg (1963, fifth grade)


Guy, Elaine (see: Davis)

Hanson, Chris (see: Christie Dunbar)

Harper, Sherry (1958, kindergarten)

Harper, Sherry (1959, first grade)

Harper, Sherry (1961, third grade)

Harper, Sherry (1962, fourth grade)

Harper, Sherry (1963, fifth grade)

Henson, Charlene (see: Miller)

Heriford, J. (1958, kindergarten)

Hoover, Linda (see: Stebbins)

Horn, Vickie (1961, third grade)



Hupp (Totemeier), Doris (1961 school year)

Hupp (Totemeier), Doris (1962 school year)

Johnson (Lyles), Jeri (1958, kindergarten)

Johnson (Lyles), Jeri (1959, first grade)

Johnson (Lyles), Jeri (1961, third grade)

Johnson (Lyles), Jeri (1962, fourth grade)

Johnson (Lyles), Jeri (1963, fifth grade)


Kaler, Ellen (see: Redding)

Keith, Dwain (1958, kindergarten)

Keith, Dwain (1959, first grade)

Kelb (Calhoun), Gary (1959, first grade)

Kelb (Calhoun), Gary (1961, third grade)

Kelb (Calhoun), Gary (1962, fourth grade)

Kelb (Calhoun), Gary (1963, fifth grade)

Kermeen, Faye (1959 school year)

Kermeen, Faye (1961 school year)

Kermeen, Faye (1962 school year)

Kermeen, Faye (1963 school year)

Kinyon, Steve (1959, first grade)

Kinyon, Steve (1962, fourth grade)

Kinyon, Steve (1963, fifth grade)

Krieger, Allen (1959, first grade)

Krieger, Allen (1958, kindergarten)

Krieger, Allen (1962, fourth grade)

Krieger, Allen (1963, fifth grade)

Krieger, Allen (1961, third grade)

Krieger, Franklin (1958 school year)

Krieger, Kurt (1958, kindergarten)

Krieger, Kurt (1959, first grade)

Krieger, Kurt (1961, third grade)


Laipple, Bill (1961, third grade)

Laipple, Bill (1962, fourth grade)

Laipple, Bill (1963, fifth grade)

Lamm, Kip (1959, first grade)

Landes, Marvin (1958, kindergarten)

Landes, Marvin (1959, first grade)

Landes, Marvin (1961, third grade)

Landes, Marvin (1962, fourth grade)

Landes, Marvin (1963, fifth grade)

Lane, Barb (see: Scheetz)

Larmore, Joyce (see: Layman)

Lawrence, Hazel (1959 school year)

Lawrence, Hazel (1961 school year)

Lawrence, Hazel (1962 school year)

Lawrence, Hazel (1963 school year)

Layman (Larmore), Joyce (1958, kindergarten)

Layman (Larmore), Joyce (1959, first grade)

Layman (Larmore), Joyce (1961, third grade)

Layman (Larmore), Joyce (1962, fourth grade)

Layman (Larmore), Joyce (1963, fifth grade)

Lounsbury, Versie (1959 school year)

Lounsbury, Versie (1961 school year)

Lounsbury, Versie (1962 school year)

Lounsbury, Versie (1963 school year)

Luke, Janene (see: Schroder)

Lyles, Jeri (see: Johnson)


Magata, Linda (see: Thompson)

McCabe, Mike (1958, kindergarten)

McCabe, Mike (1959, first grade)

McCabe, Mike (1961, third grade)

McIntire, Anne (1961 school year)

McIntire, Anne (1962 school year)

McIntire, Anne (1963 school year)

McKee, Clifford 1958

McKee, Clifford (1962 school year)

McKinnon (Anderson), Gina (1958, kindergarten)

McKinnon (Anderson), Gina (1959, first grade)

McKinnon (Anderson), Gina (1961, third grade)

McKinnon (Anderson), Gina (1962, fourth grade)

McKinnon (Anderson), Gina (1963, fifth grade)

McKinnon, Jerry (1958, kindergarten)

McKinnon, Jerry (1959, first grade)

McKinnon, Jerry (1961, third grade)

McNeeley, Helen (1959 school year)

McNeeley, Helen (1961 school year)

McNeeley, Helen (1962 school year)

McNeeley, Helen (1963 school year)

Miller (Henson), Charlene (1963, fifth grade)



Oge, Donald (1958, kindergarten)

Oge, Donald (1959, first grade)

Oge, Ronald (1958, kindergarten)

Oge, Ronald (1959, first grade)

Oge, Ronald (1961, third grade)

Oge, Ronald (1962, fourth grade)

Oge, Ronald (1963, fifth grade)


Orr (Allen), Regina (1962, fourth grade)

Orr (Allen), Regina (1963, fifth grade)

Parker, Barbara (1958, kindergarten)

Parker, Barbara (1959, first grade)

Parkin, Pearle (1961 school year)

Parkin, Pearle (1962 school year)

Parkin, Pearle (1963 school year)

Parks, Eddie (1958, kindergarten)

Parks, Eddie (1959, first grade)

Parks, Eddie (1961, third grade)

Parks, Eddie (1962, fourth grade)

Parks, Eddie (1963, fifth grade)

Phillips, Joe (1962, fourth grade)

Pickle (Dayton), Jacque (1958, kindergarten)

Pickle (Dayton), Jacque (1959, first grade)

Pickle (Dayton), Jacque (1961, third grade)

Pickle (Dayton), Jacque (1962, fourth grade)

Pickle (Dayton), Jacque (1963, fifth grade)

Putney, Lesley (1958, kindergarten)

Putney, Lesley (1959, first grade)



Raines, Brad (1962, fourth grade)

Raines, Brad (1963, fifth grade)

Redding (Kaler), Ellen (1961, third grade)

Redding (Kaler), Ellen (1962, fourth grade)

Redding (Kaler), Ellen (1963, fifth grade)

Russell, Kathy (1961, third grade)


Scheetz (Baker-Lane), Barb (1958, kindergarten)

Scheetz (Baker-Lane), Barb (1959, first grade)

Scheetz, Barb (1961, third grade)

Scheetz, Barb (1962, fourth grade)

Scheetz, Barb (1963, fifth grade)

Schroder (Luke), Janene (1958, kindergarten)

Schroder (Luke), Janene (1959, first grade)

Schroder, Janene (1961, third grade)

Schroder, Janene (1962, fourth grade)

Schroder, Janene (1963, fifth grade)

Seberg, Jeanie (see: Swanson

Shacklett, Rick (1959, first grade)

Shacklett, Rick (1961, third grade)

Shacklett, Rick (1962, fourth grade)

Shacklett, Rick (1963, fifth grade)

Shelledy, David (1958, kindergarten)

Shelledy, David (1959, first grade)

Shelledy, David (1961, third grade)

Shelledy, David (1962, fourth grade)

Shelledy, David (1963, fifth grade)

Simmons, Bill (1958, kindergarten)

Simmons, Bill (1959, first grade)

Simmons, Bill (1961, third grade)

Simmons, Bill (1962, fourth grade)

Simmons, Bill (1963, fifth grade)

Simmons (Woodruff), Evelyn (1958, kindergarten)

Simmons (Woodruff), Evelyn (1959, first grade)

Simmons (Woodruff), Evelyn (1961, third grade)

Simmons (Woodruff), Evelyn (1962, fourth grade)

Simmons (Woodruff), Evelyn (1963, fifth grade)

Skinner, Edna (1959 school year)

Skinner, Edna (1961 school year)

Skinner, Edna (1962 school year)

Skinner, Edna (1963 school year)

Smith (Blint), Barb (1958, kindergarten)

Smith (Blint), Barb (1959, first grade)

Smith (Blint), Barb (1961, third grade)

Smith (Blint), Barb (1962, fourth grade)

Smith (Blint), Barb (1963, fifth grade)

Sovern, Ruth (1961 school year)

Sovern, Ruth (1962 school year)

Stansberry, John (1961, third grade)

Stearns, Harry (1959, first grade)

Stearns, Harry (1961, third grade)

Stebbins (Hoover), Linda (1963, fifth grade)

Stocks, Joyce (see: Gilmore)

Swanson (Seberg), Jeanie (1958, kindergarten)

Swanson (Seberg), Jeanie (1959, first grade)

Swanson (Seberg), Jeanie (1961, third grade)

Swanson (Seberg), Jeanie (1962, fourth grade)

Swanson (Seberg), Jeanie (1963, fifth grade)


Thompson (Magata), Linda (1958, kindergarten)

Thompson (Magata), Linda (1959, first grade)

Thompson (Magata), Linda (1961, third grade)

Thompson (Magata), Linda (1962, fourth grade)

Thompson (Magata), Linda (1963, fifth grade)

Thornton, Pat (1958, kindergarten)

Tompkins, Dova (1958 school year)

Totemeier, Doris (see: Hupp)

Tracey, S. (1958, kindergarten)

Tracy, S. (1959, first grade)



Vis, Carroll (1963 school year)

Vis, Carroll, Section 8-2 (1962 school year)


Walker, Clinton (1958, kindergarten)

Walker, Clinton (1959, first grade)

Walker, Clinton (1961, third grade)

Walker, Clinton (1962, fourth grade)

Walker, Clinton (1963, fifth grade)

Wheeler, Lee (see: Butler, Lee Ann)

Whitham, Louise (1959 school year)

Whitham, Louise (1961 school year)

Whitham, Louise (1962 school year)

Whitham, Louise (1963 school year)

Williamson, Mike (1961, third grade)

Williamson, Mike (1962, fourth grade)

Williamson, Mike (1963, fifth grade)

Wilson, Janet (1963 school year)

Wolfe (Pfadenhauer), Roberta (1961, third grade)

Wolfe (Pfadenhauer), Roberta (1962, fourth grade)

Wolfe (Pfadenhauer), Roberta (1963, fifth grade)

Wood, Roger (1958, kindergarten)

Wood, Roger (1959, first grade)

Wood, Roger (1961, third grade)

Wood, Roger (1962, fourth grade)

Wood, Roger (1963, fifth grade)

Woodruff, Evelyn (see: Simmons)

Workman, Garth (1958, kindergarten)

Workman, Garth (1959, first grade)




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